Best Vaginal Dryness Treatment You Can Try at Home

Treatmentvaginal dryness is a problem that can affect women at any age, but it is likely to occur in women as they age and go through menopause.

Vaginal Dryness Treatment

It is characterized not only by a less abundant lubrication in the , but also by other unpleasant symptoms. For example, a person with vaginal dryness may experience itching and burning in the area, and some women may also experience pain around the vaginal opening. Others may feel the need to urinate more frequently or have pain during intercourse. Vaginal Dryness Treatment may depend on the extent to which a woman has symptoms, age, and its cause. The treatment, however, often involves creams, gels, tablets and hormones; lubricants; and moisturizers.

Women often try Vaginal Dryness Treatment at home before agreeing to hormonal treatments.

If symptoms of a woman are more evident during or after intercourse, she can use a personal lubricant to make sex more comfortable. The use of this type of lubricant can help reduce friction which can make intercourse painful for a woman to do with vaginal dryness. In addition, taking more time with foreplay can help increase natural lubrication of a woman, in some cases. This may not be sufficient, however, to ensure the comfort of the woman for a long period of time.

Sometimes using a moisturizer that is safe for use in the genital area can be an important part of treating vaginal dryness. This type of cream can help women who suffer from pain in the region, even when they are not engaged in . In some cases, doctors may recommend using a moisturizer at least a couple of times a week. A woman may do well to choose a fragrance and coloring cream to prevent irritation of sensitive vaginal tissues.

A woman can also try for the vaginal dryness treatment. When a woman plays , works to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises can, in turn, contribute to the increased blood flow to the area, which can have a positive effect on vaginal moisture.

After trying over-the-counter treatments with little to no success, a woman may turn to drugs for the treatment of vaginal dryness. Often this involves placing the hormone estrogen in the vagina as a cream, ring or tablet; oral treatment with estrogens is not usually so effective. Sometimes, estrogen is also used in combination with a progestin.

Vaginal Dryness Treatment

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