How to Notice Early the First Pregnancy Symptoms

First signs are increased , delayed or missed period and nausea. Do you feel tired, it is dizzy or foul? Do you know this? In most women, we find these symptoms during their . The more important question is whether you are pregnant.First Pregnancy Symptoms

In this article, we will give you the first and we hope you will be able to notice more quickly if you are pregnant.

Body temperature increases during ovulation. If this temperature up to the first day of the period, then still in progress, it is very likely that you are pregnant. First pregnancy symptoms but also a delayed menstruation.

The missing or delayed menstrual cycle is in most cases the first indicator that brings us to the thought that something beautiful happens with our body. Of course, the visit to our gynecologist is recommended because it could be the first sign of a health problem. First pregnancy signs are fatigue and a slight discharge. The feeling of being tired and the increased need for sleep will point you to a possible pregnancy. Most women who do not anticipate the likelihood of pregnancy drink more coffee. And we all know that consumption of the chocolate beverage is not recommended during pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that you have enough time thinking about an eventual pregnancy determined.

The mild vaginal discharge is noted in 25% of pregnant women in the first month. It is, however, no regular bleeding, but rather a bleeding, which is pink or slightly brownish. Approximately ten days after ovulation, this implantation or implantation bleeding occurs because the fertilized egg is rooted in the uterine lining. Some women also experience slight abdominal cramps during this phase. The fact is, however, that a pulling in the abdomen indicates first symptoms for ovulation and the upcoming period. It can also deceive you.


The infamous nausea in the morning is observed in 85% of the pregnant women in the first two months. But it is not a rule. You can feel uncomfortable even during the day and even evenings. The symptoms of nausea or unwellness are caused by some nutritional products (mostly milk and meat) or specific odors. If you are lucky, you will balance your taste buds throughout your pregnancy.

Body changes – heavy legs, dark discoloration of the breast cavity and tension in the breasts

The increased production of hormones during pregnancy brings the body to more melanin, the brown pigment-producing cells in the nipple. The women with the darker skin type will almost not notice this process or at a later date – about the tenth pregnancy week. The nipples are still swelling in the first few days and more sensitive to touch. Heavy legs and slightly swollen feet are also observed from the third month of an existing pregnancy. Take enough liquid to it and cold-hot showers so you can stimulate the blood flow.

Persistent headache

The persistent headaches during pregnancy are sometimes very annoying and it is recommended to avoid analgesics. The increased hormone levels and blood production are the cause. As soon as your body gets used to the hormone rise, the headache disappears in the first weeks of gestation.

The pregnancy symptoms or pregnancy signs listed above may provide guidance for existing pregnancy but are not a definite confirmation of this. The cause of the body changes can also be in the health, so it is desirable to visit a specialist.

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