The Best Natural Face Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Moisturizer – Almost everyone knows the benefits of Aloe Vera. In addition can be used to prevent the loss, eliminating scars, it turns out Aloe Vera is also beneficial to moisturize the skin. Generally the plants often serve as a natural face moisturizer is widely planted in the home yard. This form of Aloe Vera plant is a rod with a soft green color as the tongue, if broken. In the Aloe Vera flesh will look as well as slimy.

Content of Aloe Vera is one of which was vitamin E to moisturize the skin, especially the face skin. Natural facial moisturizer to be made, you could take the Aloe Vera meat and or the mucus. Apply on face for about 15 minutes, if it feels a bit itching then rinse with warm water or clean water. Do this on a regular basis so that the results obtained are more optimal.

Natural Face Moisturizer

In addition to Aloe Vera, you could use avocado as to moisturize the skin of your face. Use avocado as masks in a way pulverize or smoothing with a blender. Apply avocado mask all over your face and let sit for a few minutes. The oil that is present in the fruit of the avocado is able to moisturize the face. It’s good flushing after using the mask with avocado, with cold water so as not to reduce the moisture to the skin of the face.

Chamomile oil is already known from the first as a . Ancient Greece people even use this Chamomile oil to eliminate dullness in the face at once can brighten the face. The fatty acids contained in these oils can protect the face from infection caused by exposure to sunlight. Vitamin E contained in this almond oil can serve as antioxidants that are good for the skin.

Not of the types of plants only this natural face moisturizer can be obtained. The Greens are often used as ingredients of this drink turns out could also be used to moisturize the face. It turns out the content contained in such a green tea polyphenols, tannins, and fluoride is capable of coping with dry skin so believed to moisturize the face.

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