The Best Tips to Get Thick and Long Eyelashes

Thick and – There are few tricks that you can use if you want to learn how to get thick and long eyelashes. Read the following article and get to know about the easy ways of getting thick and long eyelashes.

One thing that makes the eyes immaculately attractive is the eyelashes. It is the reason why all women want those thick, long and upturned lashes. As we know, not all women are graced with such perquisite, and so, they have to find their own ways of learning how to get thick and long eyelashes. While looking at innocently fluttering eyelashes of all the celebrities; most of us wonder how each and every one of them bears equally beautiful set of luscious eyelashes. To be frank, not all of those celebrities have naturally longer eyelashes. Now that you are interested in getting thick and long eyelashes too, continue reading ahead and find out more.

Thick and Long EyelashesIf you have experienced the loss of eyelashes due to certain reasons like eye infection, makeup allergies, toxic reactions, trauma, surgery, malnutrition, etc., then there are few things that may come to your rescue. Similar to your skin and hair, maintaining the health of your eyes is must to include in your beauty regimen. Cleaning the eye makeup with the use of coconut oil, washing the eyes with plain and lukewarm water, drying them off with soft cotton, and moisturizing the eyes with natural products like castor oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera juice or cucumber, are few easy and inexpensive things that you can do at home. Some experts also suggest that one should use natural beauty and makeup products that are safer for the overall health of your eyes, including the eyelashes.

If you have thin lashes, or even suffering with the problem of thinning eyelashes, which is caused due to aging or certain irreversible medical conditions, then you may need to rely on certain artificial products, which you can use, to accentuate your original eyelashes and give them the desired appearance.


You must be using the eyeliner on daily basis. In order to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker, you need to use darker eyeliner. In other words, use eyeliner with darker color shade than the color of your eyelashes. It will create illusion of thick eyelashes at the roots. Now, in order to make them look long, apply the eyeliner in lengthening manner. Drag thin but curved line of the eyeliner which should end at the outside part of the outermost corners of your eye. Once you are done with one eye, repeat the process with the other eye. While doing so, make sure that the curves of the extended eyeliner line are similar and proportionate to one another. Using this trick will definitely create appearance of thick and long eyelashes.


Another regular feature in your eye makeup kit is mascara. When the mascara is used in proper manner, it makes your eyelashes look long as well as thick. Use good quality, waterproof mascara in dark color shades. To apply mascara in the right manner, hold its brush in the horizontal manner and begin the application from the roots of the eyelashes. Then, squirm the brush vertically (root to tip direction). Add three to four coats of mascara and increase the number if you want more thickness. Avoid constant dipping the brush in the bottle because it causes clumpy appearance. Dip it only when you are done with one eye. Applying mascara is always great way to create illusion of , and when its applied it in this manner, it definitely enhances your look.

Eyelash Curler

As we know, long and upturned lashes look extremely chic. Flat eyelashes on the other hand, look short even when they are relatively long. Solution? Use eyelash curler! Eyelash curlers are type of clamps that are used for curling your lashes. In order to curl them properly, place the eyelash curler as close to the roots as possible and tighten the clasps. Then, release the clasps and gently move the curler in the upward direction, towards the tips of your lashes. The curler gives that thicker and voluminous look to your eyelashes. However, you may need to use the curler pretty carefully. Make sure that you are not holding it too tightly while moving it, because it may hurt your eye and also cause the eyelashes to fall out.

Fake Lashes

Now, this is the popular weapon of most of the celebrities who don’t have those long and thick eyelashes. The only difference is that they are applied by professionals, and in your case, you will be applying them on your own. This fact may take you bit longer time to learn how to apply fake eyelashes like the professionals. Once you become well skilled, you can definitely try this option on regular basis. Having said that, make sure that you are keeping your eyes safe from the glue and chemicals that these false eyelashes come with. Take proper care of your eyes and keep them well moisturized from time to time. Such lashes however, are more suitable for dramatic makeup and not for day-to-day usage. So, keep that in mind while shopping for them.

Another extreme option to get thick and long eyelashes would be of the surgical implantation of artificial eyelashes. This step needs proper guidance of the health care provider and your eye care specialist.

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