How To Whiten The Face Traditionally Using Potatoes

can be your alternative in the . Who would have thought that a potato can be used to whiten the face? The potato is usually used as a vegetable. In addition, the potatoes were also used to substitute rice diet menu. For some people, when cooking the potatoes potato skins will be discarded casually. It turns out the content of nutrients in the skin the potatoes quite large. Peel the potato contains vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and other nutrients.

Here the tips on how to using potatoes

How To Whiten The Face Traditionally

How to whiten the face traditionally with potatoes need high diligence in doing so. You must also have a high level of patience. Potatoes are accelerating the regeneration of dead skin cells on the face quickly. So that the resulting effects are not directly such as using chemical substances. How to manufacture the mask using ingredients of potatoes is also quite a hassle. Possible for you career woman this way is very troublesome. However, for the housewife, this way is very effective and efficient.

How to whiten the face traditionally with potatoes is with grind it. Shredded potato then smeared face evenly. Let stand a few minutes, then flush your face by using clean water. The other way is by mixing the potatoes with honey. The trick with smooth potato which has been washed clean. After that smooth potato mixed with pure honey. Honey itself does have a lot of content which is very good for the skin. If it is smeared on the face, wait until dry. Then washed with clean water.

How to whiten the face traditionally with potatoes, it is also with mixed it with rice flour and milk. Do the same with the grated potato or potatoes soften until smooth. Combine potatoes with fresh milk and rice flour. Must be stirred until blended, so that the composition of the ingredients are mixed well. Before using the mask face first, a potato is cleaned with water. Apply the mask evenly to potatoes. If the mask on the face of it is dry, wipe the face using towels soaked with warm water. This is done to open the pores on the face. So the cleaning can be done with the maximum. The last stage rinse with clean water. Dry your face with a clean towel.

How to whiten the face traditionally using potato should be performed routinely. The simple way is evaluated as very efficient. The time required is also not much that is not time-consuming. The cost of treatment is also cheap, so don’t spend a lot of money to make the skin white face. It should be noted, that the potatoes are used instead of carelessly. There are some tips in choosing potatoes are select potatoes that haven’t hollow and that has not been issued because it usually shoots already contaminated microbes that triggers the decay.

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