How To Clean Oily Face With Fruits And Vegetables

– Fruits and vegetables are consumed not only delicious, but have great benefits to human health. One of them is able to assist in sweeping the dirt on the . Because it is made from natural materials, then your skin is free from chemical substances found in cosmetics. You can make herbal concoction of fruit and vegetables themselves easily as a way how to clean oily face. What are the vegetables and fruits that are proven effective for cleaning oily face?

Here, how to clean oily face with fruits and vegetables

How To Clean Oily Face

The vegetables that you use, such as cucumber and celery leaves. Cucumber can be used as a mask that could lift the flecks or black stain. Make your facial skin is more radiant and beautiful. The way of manufacture with grinding it until smooth, then put it on the face. Lemon juice can also be added to how to clean oily face a more optimal. Wait for the inherent in herb face up to about 20 minutes. After that you rinse with warm water until clean. Celery leaves can be cut in small size, then put it in boiling water. Wait until the water feels warm water and use a mixture of celery leaves to wash the face. Let stand a few minutes until the herb paste in the face dries up. Then you just rinse with clean water. There could apply this way once in a day.

Various types of fruits you can use as a way how to clean oily face, such as lemon or lime, Apple, jicama, avocado, banana, papaya, strawberries, mango, kiwi and other nutritious fruit. How is very easy to use. Lemon or lemon can exploit it as removing freckles, brighten dull skin, throw away dead skin cells, shrink pores, cleansing and toning. As much as one teaspoon of the juice of lemon juice can be added to milk and almond powder. Apply on the face, leave it attached to about 20 minutes then rinsed with lukewarm water. Yam bean consumption by grinding and squeezed the water content. Filter until clean and let sit for half an hour to look there is a sludge. Discard the top or clearer water and use a liquid such as milk for use as face masks.

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