Some Simple Tricks to Help You Have Long Eyelashes

There are different reasons to create the illusion of .

Long Eyelashes

Some people may have experience eyelash loss due to an illness or an accident. Others may simply want longer, fuller and darker eyelashes to frame their best feature: the eyes. Solutions for this issue include using mascara, , last extensions, and medication.

Mascara and a good remain the cheapest options for creating the appearance of Long Eyelashes. Typically a dark-colored liquid consisting of oil, water, and wax, mascara may also contain beeswax and mineral oil. Mascara is applied to the eyelashes with a brush.

Beauty companies have created different formulas designed to lengthen and increase the volume of eyelashes. Many lengthening formulas do not show significant results, but mascara can darken and define lashes to create the appearance of length. After using mascara and separating individual lashes with a brush, an eyelash curler can help add to the overall effect.

False eyelashes can also provide the wearer with dramatic, Long Eyelashes.

They are produced using different materials, such as synthetic or silk fibers. False eyelashes can be applied and removed within your own home; after applying a thin layer of glue along the upper end of the lashline, the false lashes are placed on the lower part of the eyelid. A coat of mascara will blend the natural and synthetic lashes, creating a more natural appearance.

While false lashes are a good option for lower budgets, they usually do not last for more than 24 hours. Recently, salons have been offering eyelash extensions as a longer-lasting solution for long eyelashes. Unlike false lashes, which are attached to the skin, eyelash extensions are thin, synthetic fibers attached to the end of the individual eyelashes. As the eyelashes grow naturally, the extension will grow out with them. The lash extensions can last anywhere from a month to two months, depending on care.

There is also a medical option for people who want long eyelashes. Allergan, producers of the glaucoma medication bimatoprost, noticed that patients were growing longer and fuller eyelashes. The company repurposed the medication and created Latisse® (bimatoprose ophthalmic solution 0.03%).

This medication consists of drops which are applied to the lashline on a daily basis. After months of clinical trials, users’ eyelashes grew approximately 25 percent longer and 106 percent thicker. Users of the medication may experience some common side effects including redness and itching. Some doctors are concerned that daily use of the medication may change eye color, but women continue to purchase the medication to .

Long Eyelashes

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