Best Advices for Choosing the Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

– Eyeshadow is highly subject to current trends or personal preferences, but there are some general, tried-and true shades that are guaranteed to make certain eye colors stand out.Best Advices for Choosing the Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

One of the most traditional shades of eyeshadow for blue eyes is brown, because it is a universally flattering neutral that contrasts well with blue eyes. For more variation and some guidance in choosing other flattering shades of eyeshadow for blue eyes, consulting the color wheel and assessing skin tone and hair color can be helpful.

Choosing the best eyeshadow for blue eyes is all about figuring out which colors will best emphasize the blue and make the eyes stand out.

Selecting a contrasting color is the key to finding this perfect, flattering shade. According to the color wheel, which is a diagram designed to depict how the different colors complement or contrast against each other, the color with the most contrast to blue is orange. This means that orange is the color against which blue eyes will appear most dramatically.

Of course, orange is not a color that is palatable to many people, and therefore might not make the most practical choice for an eyeshadow for blue eyes despite the opportunity for dramatic contrast. There are, however, several similar shades such as copper, peach, or even pink or golden tones that are incredibly flattering to blue eyes. Similarly, browns, beiges, and taupes are excellent neutral choices that will contrast against blue eyes and make them pop. If choosing colors that contrast with blue eyes and complement each other seems to challenging, beginners will be pleased to discover that numerous makeup brands feature eyeshadow palettes in shades selected to highlight specific eye colors.

Another way to emphasize and flatter blue eyes is to select a shadow that is metallic or shimmery. These finishes, which can be found in just about every color or shade, are great choices of eyeshadow for blue eyes because they will draw attention by reflecting light. A metallic gold or copper shadow will possess the perfect mix of contrast and shimmer to make blue eyes sparkle.

Considering skin tone and hair color is also important when choosing an eyeshadow for blue eyes. People with fair skin should be advised that some shades, particularly dark or very bright colors might look harsh or garish against their skin. Darker complexions can generally carry these shades more easily. Blue-eyed people with honey blonde, golden brown, or red hair should opt for eyeshadow in warmer, richer shades, while blue eyed people with ash blonde, grey, or black hair should select cooler shades.

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

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