Easy Tips on How to Shrink Lips Quickly and Naturally

How to Shrink Lips – Maintaining health and moisture to the lips is a great way to get your thin lips without surgery, in fact there is no natural way which can decimate the lips, but you can use the lemon or mucilage of Aloe Vera to cleanse and nourish the lips so that the lips moist always looks at any time.

How to Shrink Lips naturally can attempt by anyone, either women or men, because the current position of women and men almost equally, including the matter of caring for his physical. For some men and women, sexy lips and pulling the lips are thin and full, therefore they are always trying to decimate their lips with a variety of ways, including by following several easy ways below:

How to Shrink Lips QuicklyHow to Shrink Lips

Always clean the lips

Lips are not cleaned will seem dark, dead were porters cells accumulate. Do the scrubbing on the lips no matter it is important to always keep clean and moist lips, so that the lip color will not experience any changes, remains a natural red color instead of blackish.

Do the scrubbing on the lips of almost the same when you do your scrubbing on the face, you need several natural ingredients, such as granulated sugar, lemon juice, water or simply enough with the use of Aloe Vera mucus only.

Rub the mix granulated sugar with lemon water on the surface of the skin of the lips for a few minutes then rinse until clean lips, the way this also applies on the Aloe Vera mucilage.

Use the best lip moisturizer

How to shrink lips with always wear the best lip moisturizer that is high quality, use a lip moisturizer will keep softness and moisture of the skin of the lips, besides the use of lip moisturizer also makes the lips look shinier and break forth naturally.

Apply lip moisturizer on lips regularly sake that lips will always get the nutrients and also protected from sunlight.

Properly use lipstick and painted lips

How to shrink lips quickly by using a lipstick and paint lips properly. It is recommended not to apply lipstick colored oily or too light if you want to have the illusion of thinner lips.

Paint the lips can create a lip shape naturally, it is advisable to choose the color of the lips that are in harmony with the original color of the lips and also the color of your skin. Painting the lips with a lip pencil and use neat apply lipstick afterwards.

Use lemon

Although the use of lemon is not naturally can help dilute the lips, but at least with applying lip wear water juice of lemon You always keep health lips naturally so that the lips look always healthy and fresh.

Because lemon consists of active compounds and is antiseptic which can help kill germs and bacteria as well as removing dead skin cells from the surface of the lips. The natural way to do this on a regular basis so that the surface of the skin of your lips look always healthy and moisturized.

Use Aloe Vera mucilage

Same thing with lemon, Aloe Vera mucilage can only retain moisture and healthy lips instead of making the lips become thinner naturally. Aloe Vera mucilage sweep regularly before bed as a method of natural treatment.

How to shrink lips with a natural way of doing the best you can do, i.e. with more taking health and moisture to the lips, always keep your lips healthy and remain moist at all times.


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