How to Shrink the Lips without Surgery

– Young and sexy lips are the epitome of female beauty who never end by time. From time to time the lips are one benchmark the sexiness of a woman. Unfortunately, not all women get a gift of charming little lips.

There is actually no problem with big lips, but the opinion of the wider community who say that little lips look sexier inevitably affects the way the thick lips to owner’s point of view can be discouraging his lips.

Of course to make it look more sexy and fascinating, there is indeed a way of how to shrink the lips quickly, it’s through plastic surgery. But due to the high expense and risk, many women choose to downplay the lips naturally.

How to Shrink the Lips Naturally

How to Shrink the Lips

Of course this is not the way to Shrink the Lips turn down the lips in the real sense, but make the lips appear smaller and thinner with makeup tricks. The way you dress can be engineered so that you can highlight or not emphasize one part on your face.

Similarly, with the lips, wearing the right makeup can change the appearance of your lips making it look smaller and beautiful. Because that’s how to shrink the lips naturally below you need to check out well.

Small and beautiful lips you can get without going through surgery, with just a few tricks make up here. To make the lips appear smaller, use a lipstick with a color similar to the original color of the lips. Do not wear a shiny lip moisturizer because it could make your lips look fuller.

Before using a lipstick use lipstick Foundation. In addition to these makeup tricks, there are other ways, namely by doing an exercise routine for your face, particularly your lips. With regular exercise, excess layer of fat around your lips will be reduced so as to give effect to the lips look smaller.

In addition to the two ways above, other way of how to shrink the lips naturally is to reproduce a smile. With a smile, the muscles around the lips will be trained and firmer so as to make the lips look smaller. The above Tips you can do to make the lips look smaller without removing a lot of the cost for the operation.

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