3 Easy Tips on How to Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

– Eyelashes long and tapering are believed to add beautiful and elegant impression on a woman. Therefore it’s been popping up beauty products that can make eyelashes longer. In addition to using beauty products, generally women use false eyelashes and mascara in their makeup. But in addition to using beauty products or mascara, Eyelash can actually extends naturally.

The following are some tips on how to lengthen eyelashes by using natural ingredients.

How to Lengthen Eyelashes

Consuming Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a good vitamin for skin and hair growth. Consume foods that contain lots of vitamin E is one of the ways how to lengthen eyelashes that are quite effective. Vitamin E contained in vegetables and beans.

Can also use vitamin E supplements that are sold in pharmacies in the form of capsules. Eat regularly to get the best results. You can also washing your eyelashes on a regular basis with vitamin E oil with special brush clean and sterile.

Clean the eyelashes on a regular basis

Eyelash cleansing regularly is one way how to lengthen eyelashes that are often made. Clean the eyelashes can be by using baby shampoo to avoid painful on the eyes. Moreover do not forget to brush it with a special brush cleaner. Brushing your eyelashes will routinely make eyelashes always neat and more curved. In addition, do not use excessive makeup.

Excessive makeup such as overuse of mascara can make the lashes thus prone to fall out and break. You should just use makeup sparingly and always clean it before going to sleep or rest to avoid irritation of the skin and acne.

Using Aloe Vera, and Pecan

There are already trusted Pecan capable for fertilizing hair. Therefore the nuts can be a way how to lengthen eyelashes. The ways is to burn the Pecans to black, and then grind up to be fine flakes. Apply the lashes before bed.

Caution when put it on so that the powder does not hurt the eyes. You can also use Pecan oil is already widely sold in the market. Aloe Vera can also be used. The step is mixing Aloe Vera juice/gel with betel leaves. Its alloy and smeared on the eyelashes. Doing routine to get maximum results.

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