3 Movements of Gymnastics Shrink Stomach Through Yoga

Bebeautyps.com – Have an ideal body with a small or flat belly, surely a yearning of many people in this world. With a small, flat stomach, you no longer need to be concerned with the type of clothes you want to wear, because your body shape that looks fit and proportioned.

There are many ways that you can do to shrink the stomach, ranging from liposuction to attempt to do some movement of that easily done routinely and regularly. Any outstanding gymnastics there are a variety of types.

Gymnastics Shrink Stomach

3 Movements of Gymnastics Shrink Stomach through YogaThe most effective, safe and fast to put into practice is a kind of gymnastics to yoga. Yoga was chosen because in addition to useful to burn fat along the folds, yoga also serves to relax your body and exercising power of concentration.

Gymnastics shrink stomach movement through yoga consists only of 3 kinds of course. Very handy to remember and easy to do in your home. The first movement is by positioning the body in a State of supine.

Put both hands behind your head, and lift both legs towards the top with a straight position slowly. Lift up the leg and head at the same time so that the head is finally nearing a straight leg position, pull the breath, then remove the breath slowly along with the movement of the lower head and foot.

Repeat 8 to 10 times the movement. The second movement is done with standing position. Put one foot in front of the, bend, and pull back the other foot in a straight position. Then put your hand towards the back, associate, and then drag the hand slowly backward. Point your gaze towards the top, and then slowly pull the body towards the top of the stomach also felt attracted to, hold for one minute, repeat the movement.

Then the last one is the sitting position, straighten your legs and try to make the knees kissing. Hold the movement for 1 minute, and perform repetitive.

In addition to performing gymnastics shrink stomach movement with routine, do not forget to always keep his diet to maintain the shape of abdomen of your body. Avoid eat some foods that contain high levels of oils such as fried foods. These types of foods contain the most oils and fats are easy to accumulate in the abdomen.

Then subtract the consumption of carbohydrates, replace it with foods high in protein such as fish or seafood consumption of red meat, and multiply vegetable so that calorie burning can still take place. The last one is to consume coffee regularly but not excessively. Caffeine levels in coffee are useful for burning calories, so beneficial to shrink the stomach.

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