4 Best Natural Masks to Whiten Face

– Fruit turns out to not only be eaten or made into juice drinks only, but can also be used as natural masks to whiten face. In addition to the relative price is cheap, how to get it is also quite easy. Curious? Any fruit can be used to whiten the face, following we inform to you:

Natural Masks To Whiten Face

Natural Masks to Whiten Face


The fruit has a glowing red color proved to be not only can serve as the ingredient juice alone, because you can make the strawberry as one natural masks to whiten face. The trick is very easy, you can just pick up some strawberries and mash with a blender until smooth. Sweep the strawberry mask on face for 15 minutes. After a little dries, rinse with warm water, or with mineral water.

Yam Bean

It’s no wonder if the berries are often used as additional material for this whitening lotion can also be used as a natural mask. You can make the skin of your face, like a white jicama fruit itself. The way is grated jicama and smeared the grater on the face. The more proper way if done at night as cooling the skin after a day of your facial skin is exposed to sun exposure.


Although wine has the color of the fruit turns black, but this one can also be used as natural masks to whiten face. You can destroy a few grains of grapes in a bowl or glass. Strain the wine that’s been destroyed and then apply on face with cotton. Wait for 20 minutes and rinse using rose water. You will find your skin fresh and natural white thereafter.


There’s not much know if bananas can also be used to whiten the skin of the face. But you need to know, bananas are used not just banana but Ambon banana. As natural masks to whiten face, quite mash a ripe Ambon banana fruit with olive oil. The way is do 1-2 times a week on a regular basis to get optimal results.

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