5 Ways and Tips on How To Makeup Round Face At Home

– Round shaped face is to make the body look fatter. How to make invisible round face shapes is to use make up. Sometimes the women are not so concerned how to perform makeup on her face. How to use makeup too without knowing the tips and the right way. Using makeup on a round face without using the right way can make your face look more round. Therefore, there are some tips on how to makeup round face that you can do at home without going to a salon.

Tips on How To At Home

Tips on How To Makeup Round Face

The first tips on , you have to use two different foundation colors on the face. The Foundation used as a base makeup to give the impression of a specific part of the row on the face. The dark color is applied to the Foundation face the cheekbones, nose and jaw area so that the face looks somewhat oblong. Light colored Foundation at the bottom of the eye. In order for the black color on the eye pouches can be covered. So your face looks fresher.

The second tips and ways are using bright blush on colors, like pink. But the use of blush on must be true. Blush on should be applied directly on your cheekbones, so that the face looks gaunt.

The third tips on how to makeup round face, the use of eye liner and eye shadow on eyes. Use a white eye liner on the bottom will make the eyes appear larger. Use dark colored eye shadow, such as Brown and gray. Also with bias or blend two colors in eye shadow. For the nose also can you apply eye shadow to make the nose look high. Color of eye shadow is used to do the shading is brown in color. But of course with the right technique. If the shading technique is wrong, then your nose will look great at the end. This of course will make your face is getting round.

The fourth tips on how to makeup round face, with curved eyebrows away from the shape of the eye. This will make your eyebrows shape face shape look tapering. This applied to you which has thick eyebrows and to each other. How to make curved eyebrows could be with scraped off using shaving mustaches. But it should be careful in doing so, so that the result is nice. If you have a hairy eyebrows are rare, then you have to bold it with a black eyebrow pencil.

The fifth tips on how to makeup round face is use a lipstick color natural and shiny. Natural color matched to the color of your lips. For the member’s impression of glistening on the lips, you can use wonder shine. For you who have a round face, you shall not use the glowing red color. If you have a wide lip shape, then you can form a line the lips with a pencil using the color is brown.

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