Best Methods On How To Make Your Nose Pointed Naturally

– Nose in Asian, I think not only Asia but the world, nose is the first feature to become pretty. Really? Maybe. I don’t think so…

How To Make Your Nose Pointed
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In Asia so many girls want to have pointed or smaller nose, because yeah, some of them have bigger nose, and not really pointed. Well here, I just can help you to have pointed or smaller nose which I know from searching on the internet. You can choose wisely which one become your choices to have pointed nose or small nose:

How To Make Your Nose Pointed naturally

source: wikihow


Yep, makeup. You can use brown eyeshadow or blush on to put on the side right and left your nose. And put highlighter on the middle your nose bone. Don’t use blush on or eyeshadow with the glitter or dewy effect, because it will make your nose weird. I have new tips for this; I think for the natural look you can use foundation or concealer with dark color.

Nose up clipper

Well I know this little thing from online shop. So many online shop in my country sell this thing. I don’t know this will work or not, I never use this. But I’m curious about this little thing, so I searched from the internet. Some reviewer says they really work, but need time. The price I see around 3 dollar or more.

Here the pictures, so many model of this nose up. But I just uploaded 1 pictures; I don’t know where this product came from. I see some online shop claim this product made in Japan, but some of them claim this made in China.

Nose filler

Nose filler is a new method on how to make your nose pointed. The procedure is very simple, just injection on your nose. In 15 minutes u will have more pointed nose. And the price is cheaper than surgery. But nose filler can only survive for 1 – 2 years, depends what kind of filler do you use.

Ok, if you have much money, want to have pointed or smaller nose permanently or fast. Yeah I know you know what I mean, Rhinoplasty or nose job, or nose surgery.

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