Choosing the Best Colors of Lipstick for Redheads

The best lipstick for redheads is usually muted rather than bright in color.women redheads dark eyes faces pale skin red lipstick dora lovey Best Colors of Lipstick for Redheads


Rather than clear, blue-based colors, redheads should pick more blended colors with an orange, brown or golden undertone. Lighter shades are often the best choices for daytime, while most redheads can wear at least slightly darker tones in the evening. Nude and glossy neutrals are other great lipstick choices for redheads.

How to Choose Lipstick for Redheads

Glossy light-colored lipstick can help thin lips look larger, while using a deeper shade with a slightly darker lip liner can help minimize a fuller mouth. Sheer or nude shades can be ideal daytime or weekend options when a sporty or natural look is wanted. While neutral varieties can often be worn by people of all skin and hair colors, this type of lipstick for redheads tends to be especially flattering.

Redheads with very pale skin may not be able to look their best in extremely dark lipstick shades such as chocolate or raisin. Going a few shades lighter such as by picking a cinnamon brown or burnished plum can be a good option for lipstick for redheads who want something darker for evening looks. For daytime lipsticks, peachy-pink, corals and melons can all work well. Descriptions such as “tawny,” “henna,” “golden” and “bronzed” in the names of these types of lipstick colors usually signal that the product has the desired warm, rather than cool, base.

Contrary to what many people think, most redheads can usually look great in red lipstick. The important things to keep in mind when choosing red lipstick for redheads is to look for muted orange undertones rather than try to match the hair color. Especially in the case of vivid red hair colors, trying to match the lipstick to it is likely to create a clownish look rather than a tasteful, flattering appearance. Brick red is usually a flattering choice for most redheads.

Melons and rusts as well as lighter golden apricots can all be very flattering on redheads. Pink lipstick for redheads should always have an orange base rather than a blue undertone. Comparing the different lipstick colors on display in department store cosmetic sections is often a great way for redheads to realize the difference between blue and orange base tones. Even adding a streak of two different lipstick sample testers on the back of each hand and holding the hands up to the face can help in finding the best color.

Lipstick for Redheads

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