Do You Know How to Do It Yourself Totok Face At Home

– You want to always look youthful and fresh look face? You could do a , namely by means of massage on a specific facial area to the facial muscle relaxation and relaxation of the mind in order to avoid the agony of stress. There are still many benefits you can get from totok face, so many beauty salons that provide this service. You surely must have a specific budget, in order to perform routine totok face. For those who want to save money, in fact you can apply its own do it yourself totok face. Totok face method is actually very simple, so easy to do by anyone.

Do It Yourself Totok Face

Totok face can you apply yourself at home, making your face look more radiant and durable easy. Here are some steps to do it yourself totok face.

• Totok face done using the fingers of your hands. For optimal results, you can wear the ring finger or middle finger. Do massage with the fingers that you find most comfortable.

• Massage is applied to squeeze the muscles in the face. Lest you massaged the facial bone. Because massage is about facial bone could have an impact on the incidence of bruising on the face. Do massage slowly, so that the result is more optimal.

• In order to obtain a firmer face texture, then you can apply massage movements with a little pull the skin upward advance.

• The faces you can do massage or totok face is on the upper and middle of the forehead, and then the bottom and top of the eyes, cheek area and then after that you apply in the face of full-blooded Chin.

Totok face getting face will look brighter and fresher. You can implement do it yourself totok face this way every day. Squeeze in your spare time to apply a natural way and without harmful side effects. In contrast to come to a beauty salon, you will lose your money and time. Because you must pay an amount of money and comes to the beauty salon even are lining up. This condition certainly makes you bored. At this early stage you might still confused and rigid in applying the way do it yourself totok face above. But if you are familiar, it will be easier and flows for granted without memorizing his movements.

Do It Yourself Totok Face Video

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