Easy Tips on How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Sudden appearance of wrinkles, and then their gradual increase, often makes us look for effective ways of getting rid of them, and get a wrinkle-free flawless skin! Read this article to know all about how you can .Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Doesn’t matter in which context the writer wrote this quote, the point to keep in mind is that getting rid of wrinkles is not an easy job! It’s definitely hard work at first, and then it’s just a matter of getting the hang of easy and healthy living habits! Yes, you read that right! Wrinkles are bound to occur with age, but your lifestyle matters a lot in how early, or how badly will you allow wrinkles to attack your skin. The reasons could be many, from your diet to the daily exposure the mind to the stress and of the skin to the sun. From your lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking…, that’s right, what seems good to you, isn’t always good for your skin. The main reason behind occurrence of wrinkles is due to lack of collagen which makes the skin lose it’s elasticity, making it more prone to under-eye wrinkles and dryness. So, how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes? Let’s find out…

Lifestyle Practices to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes

I believe that the way you look represents your lifestyle choices and way of living. Remember, your body is a reflection of how you have been treating it. Similarly, the wrinkles on your skin show how you have been keeping your skin, and trust me, it’s all in your lifestyle. So, before we look into the remedies to cure your wrinkles, let us first look into how we should prevent their occurrence in the first place.

Wrinkles Mean Lack of Hydration

It’s important for you to be healthy and well hydrated from within, to show it on the outside. Did you know that dehydration is one of the causes of wrinkles around the eyes? Drink lots of water (at least 12 glasses daily) and keep yourself well hydrated by consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

No Smoking, Caffeine, and Alcohol

Quit drinking and smoking as it promotes the increase of wrinkles on the face by narrowing down the blood vessels under the layers of your skin. As mentioned earlier, it’s due to lack of collagen that makes skin wrinkle prone. Smoking damages the elasticity and the collagen level in the skin. Alcohol too, dehydrates the skin and makes things worse by adding toxins in the body. This is the reason why people who drink and smoke have more wrinkles. Also, the intake of products containing caffeine like coffee, tea, and other beverages should be avoided.

Avoid Straining Your Eyes, They Are Sensitive!

Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day, the more rest you give to your eyes, the more healthy they will look. Do not expose your skin under direct sun. The UV rays causes the collagen to break down and makes the skin more prone to wrinkles. Always use a sunscreen lotion which contains SPF and wear sunglasses to save the sensitive skin around your eyes and make it less prone to under eye wrinkles.

Eat Fresh to Look Fresh

Eat healthy foods enriched with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Eating blueberries would also be useful as these contain antioxidants to fight skin damage. Even a diet rich in hyaluronic acid works best to get rid of wrinkles. You can check a safe supplement for the same from a nutritionist. To mention, sweet potatoes contain a lot of hyaluronic acid. Although this acid proves beneficial for getting rid of wrinkles, there are also some studies that state that it somehow links to cancer. So check with your doctor before you go for it. Include lots of foods rich in vitamin E to promote healthy and younger looking skin.

Avoid Using Harsh Products

Avoid using dry or harsh soaps, instead use moisturizer soaps which helps the skin to stay hydrated and doesn’t dry it. Always remove make up before you go to bed with the help of a cleansing milk. Speaking of make up, avoid using eye shadows with a creamy texture as they tend to sink into the lines around the eyes and accentuate the wrinkles even more.

No Stress…, It Easily Shows!

The most harshest thing that you can do to yourself is to stay under stress. You see, the life we live is undoubtedly going to expose us to difficult times, but if stress could make things better, then we wouldn’t be dealing with it anymore. So, accept the way things are and enjoy each and every moment of life, without the stress!

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