Health Benefits from French Green Clay For Your Skin

French green clay with its purifying can do wonders for the treatment of a wide range of skin problems such as acne, oily skin, and eczema. The article next explores Buzzle more about the uses of the use of this healing clay.French Green Clay

Advantages of for your skin

Did you know?

Usually is extracted from quarries in France. Thus, the skin care product is often labeled as “French . ”

We rarely encounter an effective product that the French Green Clay skin care is anti-inflammatory, highly absorbent, and a natural antiseptic. It also promotes cell regeneration to accelerate healing. The product is an ultra-fine powder green clay. And “high in nutrients friends of the skin, and its ability to extract impurities it one of the most sought after resort for a wide variety of skin problems.

Here we take a look at the health benefits of French Green Clay to the skin with the right method to use.

It promotes healthy skin

This organic product is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and iron. Its application and remineralizes revitalizes skin cells, which helps to brighten dull skin. Then apply a French green clay mask twice a week to get these vital nutrients essential for the health of perfect skin. For normal skin, leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.

Relieves oily skin

Its ability to absorb the excess oil can do wonders to get rid of oily skin. The application of French green clay mask 2-4 times a week, it helps to draw excess oil from oily areas to reveal a beautiful, clear skin, naturally.

Clear Up Acne

The absorption qualities of this product helps to fight acne. It detoxifies the skin, remove dead skin, oil and other impurities from the clogged skin. Clay is able to extract some of the deepest impurities in the pores to remove the skin of acne. Besides the removal of impurities, it moisturizes the skin to restore a youthful glow. Use a face mask every day until your skin has healed.

Relieves burns

It is also effective in the treatment of mild to moderate burns. Use of this organic product can certainly help alleviate the discomfort associated with burns. Its absorbent properties protect the skin against burning infection, as well as prevent aggravating. For example, blisters or redness of the skin are not likely to occur if the burned area is treated with a French green clay paste. It removes all impurities, promotes tissue regeneration, and preventing scar formation. Applying a cold compress clay is another way to relieve pain.

Heals skin ulcers

His ability to heal the inflamed and infected ulcers is simply amazing. Once applied, its absorptive capacity is operative to suck the infected tissue, which can accelerate the healing process. Thus, after 7-8 days of application, the ulcer of the affected skin may not disappear completely.

For the treatment of open sores and wounds, such as burns, first, cover infection with a gauze bandage and apply a thin layer of plaster above. Remove the dressing after 20-30 minutes. Reapply a new dressing with the poultice at regular intervals to speed healing.

Treating Eczema

The French green clay detoxifying effect can also relieve eczema. clay baths, one or two times per week, are known to reduce inflammation associated with eczema. Initially, add about one cup of clay powder for your tank containing hot water. Make sure the powder is homogeneous in water. Soak in the bath for at least 20 or 40 minutes. The more you spend time relaxing in the bath, the more toxins are removed transdermally. How to start taking a clay bath regularly, you can gradually add more powder (up to 2-4 cups) in the bathtub. This natural detox bath helps to cure eczema, and restore the natural appearance of the skin. Eczema can be treated with a green clay poultice. Just apply the poultice and leave for one hour before rinsing. Follow this skin care routine twice a day for effective results.

Relieves psoriasis

This clay method of the tank is also effective in relieving psoriasis, a disease characterized by accumulation of dead cells. Clay helps shed dead skin cells and other impurities to improve skin condition and give a clear complexion.

Make French green clay poultice

The poultice is used to treat skin problems is nothing more than a thick paste of clay powder and water. To make the poultice, put the required amount of French green clay in a large clay or wood (no metal) a mixing bowl, then add water until the clay is submerged. Using a (non-metallic) wooden spoon to mix well and let it stay for two hours so that the clay powder absorbs water completely.

A fine paste is difficult to enforce and more likely to stay on the affected skin. So make sure your poultice is often enough to spread easily and adheres to the skin comfortably. Apply a poultice of clay on the affected area and let it stay for 20 minutes, then wash.

Make a face mask

To make a facepiece adding two parts water to one part of clay powder. Stir to form a paste and apply on the face. Let the face mask to stay for 20 minutes. Later, you can remove it with clean water. The face mask and also the poultice must be kept for a long time, because it can dry the skin, resulting in excessive loss of moisture.

Commercially prepared French green clay face masks are available in tubes and bottles containing ready-made pre-mixed paste, which can be applied directly to the skin too. If you choose the ready pasta or prefer to prepare the mask at home, make sure you use it properly to get the desired result.


Disclaimer: The information in this article is to educate the reader. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of an experienced physician.

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