How To Care Hair for Long Quickly, Not Loss and Branched

– Healthy hair is a symbol of beauty for women. From hair that looks healthy and well maintained, will create your radiated aura and appearance would be more interesting. However there are many hair problems that must be faced by women as a result of the hair care process chemically, such as complaints hair branching, dandruff, dry, and hair loss. To get a beautiful hair, there are many ways how to care hair that you can do, either through special treatments in the beauty salon or do it yourself with natural ingredients that guaranteed security and hygiene.

For those of you whose hobby model or change the hairstyle, surely you are already very familiar with the process of coloring, straightening or vise, using hair spray to maintain the style of hair, even up to the installation of hair extension to add instant hair length. There are times when the hair is in a condition for receiving more chemically treatments. Then this is the right time for you to ‘ break ‘ from all the hair styling routine.

How To Care Hair from Fall Out

How To Care Hair

But in this recovery condition, certainly often some problems, such as how to care hair for not to loss as a side effect of the use of various chemical ingredients for hair care. When was this happen, switch to a more natural way is safe and healthy for your hair. Use the benefits of Aloe Vera or aloe vera mucus for massaging the scalp. Let it soak about 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Natural vitamin from Aloe Vera is believed to restore the strength of the roots and hair shaft could prevent you from loss hair.

In addition to using Aloe Vera, you can also use a variety of natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil is heated. Massage the scalp with this natural oil, cover with a towel or a shower cap and leave on for approximately one hour. The process of heating oil is useful to enable his content so it would be more effective to keep your hair’s strength.

How To Care Hair from Branching

Because of the many chemical processes that we have done to the hair, especially the tinting process, usually it is the condition of the hair resulting in dull, dry, and branching. The situation became very uncomfortable especially when you feel the texture of the hair tends to be drier due to the large number of branches.

There are several so that you don’t have to cut your lovely hair, which is by avoiding the use of combs. Also avoid the use of heating devices for hair, such as the use of a blow dryer and vise hair. Don’t forget to not scrub hair when shampooing, or after shampooing. Use your fingers to massage slowly, let it dry naturally, and use a comb with a density that is tenuous.

Branched hairs can also be treated with the use of conditioner after shampooing regularly. Conditioners contain moisturizer that is high so it would be good to improve the condition of hair that is dry and dull. In addition, frequently consume fresh fruit and mineral water, because much of the content of vitamins A, C, and E are useful to keep his State of hair to stay healthy. Lastly, cut off the tip of the hair at least once every 6 months to remove the ends of the hair that has been aged, to avoid the problem of hair branching.

How To Care Hair for Long Quickly

The last Problem on the issue of hair is the desire to lengthen the hair quickly. This is normal desired by everyone because the faster a long hair will be easier to be collected. Here’s the first how to care hair so long quickly, that is by eating healthy foods with high protein levels. Consume eggs, milk, and processed meat, companied with the types of foods that are rich in biotin content.

Kinds of food are useful to maintain the strength of the hair and gives the stimulus to make hair grow faster. The second is to use a conditioner on the stem to the tip of the hair after shampooing. Continue with the use of olive oil or natural honey has lots of vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium, which is useful to make long hair up his health.

In addition, diligent for massaging the scalp gently. Massage this routine would be useful to launch circulation of blood cells, so as to make a variety of substances that you use for hair care is easily acceptable and pervasive, so that hair growth will be stimulated more quickly.

That’s all some ways how to care hair. We recommend that you avoid the process of heating the hair with various electronic beauty and avoid shampooing every day, because it will only remove the hair’s natural moisture, so that later would lead to the loss. Instead of getting a long and thick hair, you should instead get dizzy with the issue of loss and condition dry hair. Wash a maximum of twice a day. Lastly, avoid stress and do a healthy lifestyle with diligent exercise.

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