How to Choose the Best Freckle Treatment

– There are several different treatments used to minimize the appearance of freckles.How to Choose the Best Freckle Treatment

Popular treatment options include skin bleaching agents, laser treatments, chemical peels, and cryosurgery. To choose the best freckle treatment, it is best to make a decision based on the severity of your freckles as well as your budget. Laser treatments are the most effective way to eliminate large patches of deeply freckled skin. Other treatment options might also be effective, depending on the abundance and color of your freckles.

Choosing Freckle Treatment

Laser treatments eliminate freckles by removing melanin from the skin. The lasers used in these treatments are attracted to melanin, or color, in the skin. A benefit of laser treatment is that the lasers will not harm the surrounding skin. After several treatment sessions, your freckles will be significantly lighter or gone completely. Lasers are the most effective freckle treatment for people with large freckled areas or very dark spots.

One disadvantage of choosing laser treatments is the price. Most patients need several treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. With each session costing a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, this option can get expensive.

Topical products can also be used to remove freckles. These products, which usually come in the form of a cream, contain retinol and other bleaching agents. Over time, applying a lightening cream might make your freckles appear less noticeable. It is important to realize that these products rarely eliminate dark freckles completely.

The main problem with these creams is that they will not just bleach your freckles. They will bleach any skin that they come into contact with. Still, topical lighteners are an effective and affordable option to consider.

Cryosurgery refers to freezing and removing tissue with liquid nitrogen. During cryosurgery, a surgeon will individually remove each unwanted freckle or mole. This freckle treatment is best for patients with a few raised or unsightly freckles. If you have freckles covering large areas of skin, cryosurgery is not a realistic option.

Chemical peels can also be used to lighten freckles. During a peel, chemicals will be applied directly to your skin to remove several surface layers. This removes flaws located on top layers of skin and encourages the production of new cells.

Depending on the color, size, and abundance of your freckles, you may need several peels before results begin to show. Even so, chemical peels are considered a mid-priced freckle treatment. These peels are less expensive than laser treatments and cryosurgery, but more expensive than most creams.

When choosing a freckle treatment, carefully consider all of your options. If your freckles and skin tone are both fairly light, a lightening cream might produce the results you want. Cryosurgery is the best treatment for removing a few large or raised freckles. Large areas of dark or dense freckles should be treated with chemical peels or laser treatments. If you cannot decide on a treatment, speak to a dermatologist or other specialist who will evaluate your skin type and help you determine the most beneficial option.

Freckle Treatment

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