How to Flatten Your Belly Naturally and Quickly

How to Flatten Your Belly Naturally and Quickly-The stomach is where food is processed. A flat belly and a healthy showing that the belly gets sufficient food intake but not excessive. Distended stomach or protruding abdomen otherwise indicates that there is something wrong in the food intake. Need to be rearranged in diet and lifestyle that can flatten belly. How to flatten you belly naturally can be done by eating certain types of food that given below.How to Flatten Your Belly

Black Beans

Nuts are known to have protein and fiber that are useful to destroy the fat in the body. Black Bean itself has additional content of flavonoids that can prevent excessive fat storage in the belly. Consumption this black bean can get a slimmer belly.


Fresh pear turns out to have a lot of fiber and low calories. This fruit also contains antioxidant catechins and flanovol . Based on the content of studies can serve as a barrier to the storage of fat in the abdomen. Fresh pear can be eaten raw.

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Cold potato

We usually prefer to eat warm potatoes that are fried or steamed, but for flatten belly needed cold potatoes. The potatoes are cooked silenced first for one night before being eaten. We get a special fiber which can help inhibit hunger and burn more fat.


The tea was already known flatten body for example green tea. Green tea or other types of tea needs no additional sugar was given too much. Tea helps the body’s cells to absorb around 70% of fat in the body.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds or that we often call the kwaci turns out to have efficacy to reduce fat in the abdomen. Kwaci tasty eaten as a snack that nourish the body and does not make fat and even helps to reduce body fat.


We think of the peanut as long as it has a lot of fat but fat peanut kind better than other foods. Fat in peanuts can be used as a substitute for saturated fats in the body. Peanuts also contain proteins that can burn fat properly.

In addition to eating the foods that can help destroy and inhibit fat storage, how to flatten your  naturally is by exercising. Do sports that focus on the abdomen. Exercise can help burn fat at the same time form the body better. The health of our bodies can be seen in the form of our body, so flat stomach to be achieved as well as want to be healthy should not just want to be thin. In doing the diet should still eat foods that are needed by the body but with the types and the portion that has been adjusted.

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