How To Wear False Eyelashes Correctly

How To Wear – Lashes is currently one of the beauty icon of the women have beautiful eyelashes, black, thick and curved is every woman’s dream, but not all lashes are owned by most women like that.

Therefore to add beauty in her face, most women choose to use false eyelashes, an awful lot of emerging models of false eyelashes that are circulating on the market. One of the eyelashes who were the current trend is the eyelashes from Syahrini with lashes name Anti Badai.

How To Wear False Eyelashes

How to wear false eyelashes? To learn about and try in putting up false eyelashes these are ways that we can give that is before you buy false eyelashes you should choose the size of the false eyelashes to suit your face, because each person has different eyes wide.

Once you find it, the next step is to cut the false eyelashes long eyelashes to suit your eyelids. Before you attach the lashes you should dress up your eyelids and face first.

Once it’s on top of the eyelashes give special Eyelash glue, but do not use too much glue because glue will be seen later. After the glue is dry and sticking, give the line eyeliner or at the top of the lashes to make it look more presentable and glue not visible.

After you have finished installing the eyelashes, you can do the refinement of make-up to look more beautiful and gorgeous. In following how to wear false eyelashes is not a difficult step but is also not a way that’s easy to do, need proper care and caution in putting up false eyelashes. If not appropriate then it will unify the glue between the eyelid and under the eyes.

There are how to wear false eyelashes, false eyelashes by wearing that suit the shape and size of your eyelids and your beauty will be radiated again. Are you interested in using false eyelashes? If you are interested in using false eyelashes, hopefully the way we provide will be of benefit to you. Good luck.

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