Popular Ways to Get Bigger Thighs

Getting bigger thighs can be achieved in a number of different ways.Popular Ways to Get Bigger Thighs


The basic requirement is that in order to get bodybuilder thighs, strengthening exercises need to be performed on the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. These exercises include squats, lunges and heel drops. It’s important to keep in mind that quality is often more effective than quantity of repetitions when trying to get bigger thighs. You should also only perform the repetitions that you feel comfortable with.

Squats are probably the most common — and highly effective — way of building bigger thighs. To perform a squat you should stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, slowly bend your knees and lower your torso backwards at the same time. To avoid injury to the knees you should make sure that you can see your toes at all times. It’s more important to ensure that you have the correct form when squatting than it is to perform a large number of repetitions — especially to begin with.

Lunges are similar to squats in that they can be used to build thigh muscles without any gym equipment. As with squats, you should start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. In a controlled manner place your right foot in front of you and bend deep into the lunge before coming back up to the start position. If you have knee problems then this may not be a suitable exercise to perform.

Single-legged heel drops provide a more intense workout than squats as the entire weight of the body is transmitted through one quadriceps muscle rather than two. A simple way to perform a single leg squat is to stand on the bottom step of a flight of stairs. With the inactive knee hanging over the edge of the step, slowly bend the active knee until the other foot touches the floor and then bring yourself back up to the starting position. Performed daily these exercises can all help to build bigger thighs.

A common goal amongst people who want bigger thighs is to increase the visibility of the leg muscles. This requires strengthening exercises but you may also need to lose some excess weight. It’s not possible to spot train a particular area in order to lose weight so this requires cardiovascular exercise such as running, cycling or swimming. Using cardiovascular exercise which also builds leg muscles is a good way to maximize exercise efficiency.

Bigger Thighs

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