Some Simple Tips to Help You Hide Face Blemishes

The methods you use to hide depend on the type of blemishes at hand.

Face Blemishes

Face blemishes include pimples and age spots or discolorations. Pimples can be concealed with makeup, while age spots can be hidden using a self-tanning lotion if the spots are light or a bleaching agent if they are dark. Some spots require more advanced treatments to remove them. Treating and preventing Face Blemishes is also important when trying hide them.

If your Face Blemishes are in the form of pimples, whether whiteheads, blackheads, or red spots, you can conceal them with makeup.

Look for a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly. Choose a yellow concealer over one with red or green undertones. Ideally, the concealer will not contain oil or clog your pores.

Use your finger to lightly dab the concealer over the blemish. Avoid using a lot of pressure or scrubbing the makeup into the pimple. Too much pressure can make it burst, making it more difficult to conceal.

Apply a thin layer of loose powder to your face after covering up the face blemishes and then apply your foundation as you normally would. Avoid the area of the pimple with the foundation, as you don’t want to smear the concealer. Put on another layer of powder to give your face a matte finish.

Wash your face and the face blemishes carefully to help remove the makeup at the end of the day. Use your regular and avoid any cleansers with scrubbing beads in them, as you do not want to irritate the blemish. After your face is washed and dried, apply a small amount of acne medication directly onto the pimple. Use a clear or white cream medication. Tinted creams usually don’t match your skin tone and draw more attention to the pimple.

A self-tanning product can help in the form of age spots that are lighter than the rest of your skin. Apply the self-tanner to the light spots, not to your entire face. The lotion should darken them so that they eventually blend in with the rest of your skin.

Concealing dark age spots can be a bit more difficult. You may need a laser treatment or a chemical peel from a professional to remove the spots quickly. A bleaching agent, available with a prescription, will also conceal the spots, but will take more time. To prevent more spots from forming, always wear sunscreen on your face and other exposed areas.

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