The Best Methods How to Get Red Lips Naturally

Do you want to know naturally? In this article you will find tips for . Read on and find best home remedies for having natural red lips. You will also find tips for maintaining your natural red lips.

how to get red lips
The Best Methods how to get red lips Naturally

Naturally red lips are one of the ornaments of beauty. Lips are said to be the second point of attraction on any woman’s face after eyes. Lips do get older along with you and your skin. But if you want to keep your lips luscious and naturally red, you will have to spend some time and put in your effort. There are natural ways by which you can make your lips look younger, bigger and red.

Everyone, especially women long to have red lips. However, there are many factors that take away the natural redness of your lips. With the natural tips you can restore the plumpness and young looks and this you can do by making it soft and sensual. One of the facts is that red lips do depend a lot of genetics, but you can treat them to look red also. So, without spending a lot on cosmetics, you can have red lips and that too by following natural methods.

Several Tips How to Get Red Lips

Have a quick look at the tips for having natural red lips.

  • Extract ginger juice and mix it with the yolk of a village chicken’s egg. Have this with your breakfast every day. You will see the difference in no time.
  • If your lips are allergic to lipsticks, you can add egg yolk and honey to green coconut water and drink daily.
  • Apply few drops of olive oil mixed with honey or sugar on your lips. Make sure your lips are free of lipstick. Rub the mixture gently on your lips and then wash it off.
  • Make paste of a beetroot and apply on your lips. Wash it after half an hour and you will find the instant and natural redness in your lips.
  • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not lick your lips often. This will make it dry and pale.
  • Use a lip moisturiser during daytime, especially when you go out. Make sure the moisturiser has sunscreen.
  • Make a paste by mixing 1 tablespoon of sugar with olive oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter. Brush your lips with this mixture constantly for 30 seconds and then wash them off.
  • Use lip balms that contain Vitamin E, almond, shea butter or jojoba. If you use this balm regularly, you will be able to preserve the softness of your lips.
  • Massaging your lips with coconut oil daily will reduce fine lines and wrinkles on it.

Remedies for Preventing Dark Lips

To maintain your natural red lips, you need to prevent darkening of lips. Have a quick look at some tips for preventing dark lips.

  • If your lips have blackened, you can apply toothpaste on it before taking bath. It will get lightened in few days.
  • Quit smoking immediately, if you smoke.
  • Avoid using lipstick for too long time as well as using too much of lipstick or its frequent use should also be avoided.
  • Clean your lips of any lipstick and apply honey on it everyday at bedtime.

Besides all these tips how to get red lips, it is very important you take care of your lips daily to save it from getting cracked, thin or chapped. Remember, loss of moisture make the lips flaky, dry or cracked. Along with moisturising your skin you need to exfoliate your lips regularly.

If you are not gifted with beautiful lips, you can even create an illusion of having fuller lips by applying right kind and way of lip makeup. Use the make up tips that are helpful for you in making your lips look luscious on special occasions.

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