The Best Natural Methods of Mole Removal at Home

There are a number of ways to at home, including over-the-counter creams and kits.

Mole RemovalIn addition to medications, a number of natural methods are also effective. Moles can often be removed at home with a wide variety of natural foods, such as potatoes, garlic, grapefruit, onions, pineapple, cauliflower, and honey. Castor oil and iodine can also be used.

Squeezing the fresh juice of certain types of fruit on the mole may help remove them. The natural acids in fruits like grapefruits, pineapples, lemons, and limes can assist in . Other fruits that contain high amounts of natural acids may also be beneficial. The fresh juice should be applied to the mole a couple of times a day and left on for approximately an hour before washing the area.

Making a poultice from foods such as garlic, onions, cauliflower, and potatoes is another method of mole removal.

Generally, these items are efficient on their own and do not need to be mixed with each other or any other substances. A poultice should be applied to the mole for as long as possible each day to speed up removal time. Some find that leaving the poultice on the mole overnight is the best method for Mole Removal at home. Other food items that are useful include honey, apple cider vinegar, and fig stems.

Castor oil or iodine applied in generous portions can also help to remove moles. Individuals selecting one of these methods may find it beneficial to cover the mole with a bandage in order to avoid oil or iodine stains on personal items. When using castor oil or iodine on a mole, it is necessary to leave the product on the mole for as long as possible before washing the area. Many find that heating castor oil in warm tap water before application allows for better absorption and quicker mole removal.

Before attempting to Mole Removal at home, it is first extremely important to make sure that the mole does not show signs of cancer. Anyone thinking of removing a mole with one of these techniques should first visit a healthcare professional to make certain that surgery or professional attention is not required. Provided the mole does not show any signs of cancer, mole removal at home may often associated with surgery and other medical methods of removal.

Mole Removal at Home

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