Treating Hair Loss with Materials from the Nature

Treating – Long, flowing hair that glittered and healthy is certainly a dream for most women in the world. Hair for most women is the crown that the healthy should to maintained, for women with long hair that breaks down fall is a daughter figure sought by the handsome Prince is out there. However, there are small things that have a major impact for the hair of the women that the problem of hair loss. Hair loss is a common thing, but when it is always left to the risk to suffer permanent baldness may occur. Of course this is a scourge which is scary for most women. And for that, it must be done a variety of ways for treating hair loss.

Ways for

Treating Hair Loss

There are several ways that can be done for treating hair loss, but there are things to know in advance about the loss itself. The hair loss usually occurs by scalp tends to be oily. The oil that is produced in the skin of the head is too much so that the hair roots will not be strong enough to stick to the scalp and hair roots disconnection on the scalp are better known as hair loss. By knowing the cause of hair loss is experienced, a good first step is to determine how well and proper care.

How to treating hair loss is well known among the community of Indonesia is to use materials provided by nature. There are many types of plants and herbs that can be used as a remedy for those who have experienced hair loss. The first plant is Aloe Vera trunk. Aloe Vera gel has a stem that much of his content so great for hair growth. The trick is very easy to do it. The first thing that is separate from the skin with the meat of the Aloe Vera trunk, and then clear the leaves of Aloe Vera flesh using cold water. Then mash until smooth and let stand for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator. Once cooled, the Aloe Vera leaf is ready to be used as a shampoo.

The utilization of other plants and herbs for treating hair loss is by using the celery leaves. The leaves are commonly used as complementary food turned out to be beneficial for the fertility of the hair. This is because due to the womb have celery leaves such as vitamin A, iron, and calcium. In addition, B vitamins and sodium found in celery can be beneficial stimulates hair growth so that more healthy, shiny and more powerful. To make it is very easy and similar to Aloe Vera leaves utilization.

The last plant which can be used to treat hair loss is to ginseng. Trim your ginseng in small size, then apply on scalp until evenly and let sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse using the water until clean.

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