Useful Tips for Sensitive Facial Skin Care

– Maintaining sensitive skin is difficult job as anything can cause outbreak or irritation. It requires special care and attention.Sensitive Facial Skin Care

Sensitive facial skin needs extra care and attention. Skin care is essentially about your diet, exercise, and the right skin care products. Since your skin is sensitive it is more prone to breakouts and damage. Thus, it has to be well protected and looked after. Using natural products over artificially made cosmetics is the best way of taking care of sensitive skin. Since sensitive skin has fine pores and it tends to frequently develops rashes. Let’s take look at some of the pointers for sensitive facial skin care that will help you restore its lost radiance and flawlessness.

Sensitive Facial

Sensitive Facial Skin Care Dry Skin

Since your skin is dry and sensitive too, the first thing it needs is hydration. Environmental pollution and harsh chemicals take away every ounce of moisture from your skin. The only way of replenishing it is drinking lot of water and eating lot of water based fruits. Every night, before going to bed, wash your face with warm water and use good cleanser to clean out the pores. Wash it once again and apply effective moisturizer to retain the existing moisture. Moisturize your skin immediately after your morning bath. Coconut oil, cocoa butter or Shea butter are good moisturizers since they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, essential oils, and protein. Avoid using makeup as far as possible. In case you do, remember to take it off before you hit the sack. As dry skin gets easily irritated, it’s wise to pat dry it. Include lot of healthy oils in your diet to bring back the shine on your skin and take away years from it.

Sensitive Facial Skin Care Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by enlarged pores. The oil on such type of skin is sebum, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands. Thus, oily skin is more likely to have acne, than any other type of skin. For sensitive oily skin, mud packs are the way to go. Sandalwood paste and rose water face pack, absorbs the excess oil from the surface of the skin preventing accumulation of sebum and acne. People with very sensitive skin must wash their face at least three times day. Using anti-bacterial essential oils such as lavender oil can also help you get rid of blemishes and acne. Once again using mud packs such as multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) pack will suit your skin. For sensitive and oil skin, avoid eating junk and fried food. Watch your intake of sugary food stuffs too. Eat lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, wheat germ, whole grains, beans, and nuts. Drinking ample amounts of water will assist flushing out of toxins, thus keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

You need to pick the right cosmetics to avoid any kind of reactions erupting on your sensitive skin. Always conduct patch test before buying any cosmetic. As far as possible, use only branded products. They may cost you bomb, but it’s worth the price. Make sure you remove the makeup before you go to sleep. The best way of removing makeup is by massaging your face with generous dollop of coconut oil. Wipe your face with tissue paper to remove the makeup that has come off and then wash it with warm water. The oil will moisturize your facial skin and remove the unwanted makeup.

In honest opinion, since you have sensitive skin avoids using makeup or any other artificial product on your skin. Sensitive facial skin care for sensitive skin needs little more attention than any other type of skin to retain its glow. So pay attention to keep the skin problems at bay and to bask in the radiance of flawless skin.

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