Useful Tips to Help You Dye Black Hair Blonde at Home

To Dye Black Hair Blonde, the existing black color needs to be stripped off of your hair, and then the hair needs to be re-colored with dye.

Dye Black Hair BlondeGoing from black hair to blonde hair is the most difficult color change to obtain and can cause the most damage to hair. Quality hair products and lots of hair conditioner will provide the best results with the least amount of damage.

When choosing a to dye black hair blonde, pick a product that has extra conditioning ingredients. Purchase a separate to use prior to starting the hair dying process, in-between steps, and to repair any damage after coloring the hair. When visiting a salon and having the hair dyed professionally, the will usually use hair products that are less likely to damage hair. It is a two-step process to dye black hair blonde.

The first step to Dye Black Hair Blonde is to remove the black hair pigment by stripping it.

The hair should be washed and well conditioned prior to starting this processes. The chemical is distributed throughout the hair and left on for about 20 minutes. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific processing time. After the hair stripper is washed out, the hair may be a light orange-like color, and may feel dry and brittle.

When coloring at home, it is best to wait at least one day before proceeding to the next step. The longer the space between stripping the hair and re-coloring it, the better it is for the hair. This wait gives the hair a chance to restore it’s own natural chemical balance. Hair products for home use tend to contain harsher chemicals than those used at a salon, so a hair stylist at a salon may do the two steps all in one visit.

The next step to Dye Black Hair Blonde is to add the new blonde hair dye. The hair should be washed and well conditioned prior to starting the blonde hair coloring process. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to apply the color and how long to keep the color on the hair before rinsing out. For best results when coloring hair at home, you may want to mix two different shades of blonde hair dye together. At a salon, the hairstylist will work with the client to choose the best shade of blonde.

Wait a few days between hair washings so the color can set. Use the least amount of shampoo possible, and continue to use the deep conditioner to restore the health of the hair. Try to avoid blow-drying hair and using other heat-based hair styling tools for at least a week to minimize damage on the newly processed hair.

Dye Black Hair Blonde

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