Various Ways How to Blacken the Hair Naturally

– As the Asian nation with the mongoloid race, color our hair color is identical to the old thick brown, reddish brown, or the most dominant is the color black. Black hair color, owned by most people in Indonesia will be very beautiful when you look healthy and shiny black.

But there are some people who have the uniqueness genetic so that her black hair looks grey even though he was still very young. Or other problems the most frequently encountered are dull reddish hair color because of frequent exposure to sunlight, or because the use of chemical ingredients for hair care.

How To Blacken The Hair Naturally

How to Blacken the Hair Naturally

This triggered hair breakage that will eliminate the natural black hair color. But now there have been many ways discolor hair naturally you can practice yourself at home.

How to blacken the hair naturally the first is by selecting a shampoo label that States increase the volume to the hair. This is important because the label on the shampoo is also useful to blacken your hair.

In addition, use a hair serum to nourish your hair, because usually the hair color changing conditions caused by lack of nutrients in the hair. Not only that, with the use of serum, your hair will make your hair sparkle again, and spurred the growth of new hair healthier.

Then to provide nutrients that focus to blacken your hair, use a leaf or seed false daisy pecans. For the use of two natural ingredients, should soften one handheld false daisy leaf or some kernels of nuts, boiled in hot water, let cool, and then use boiled water for shampooing.

Next the most potent how to blacken the hair naturally is to use stale tea steeping water as a medium wash. Regular tea or green tea is best; contain a lot of useful substance content to discolor the hair.

The process of decay that you do will make nutritional owned tea, namely zinc, calcium, and vitamins can come out with faster and perfect, so it will nourish your hair with a faster anyway. The trick is quite simple. Provide a cup of tea, then drink with hot water, with a note don’t add sugar in his tea steeping water. Allow to cool and neutral, and then put it in a sealed container.

Then leave it on for a night. In the morning, separate the tea leaves with water by means of filtered, then immediately use for shampooing. Do at least twice a day how to blacken the hair naturally to get healthy and shiny natural black hair.

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