8 Natural Ways on How to Resolve Oily Hair

Bebeautyps.com – Hair is drenched and greasy does become a problem, because it looks dull, even difficult to styling. One alternative is we should frequently wash their hair frequently-or shampooing to get rid of oily hair. However, washing the hair every day was not recommended because it will have an impact on hair damage. Well here is you can do!

8 Tips on How to Resolve Oily Hair

Natural Ways on How to Resolve Oily Hair

1. When washing the hair, the selection of the type of shampoo should also note, we recommend using a mild shampoo such as the type used for the baby.

2. Wash hair with baby shampoo to do every day, just focus on the hair, open on the skin of his head as it will make the dry scalp.

3. To rinse shampoo when shampooing, we recommend using cold water instead of warm water. If you use warm water, it will cause the scalp becomes oily hair and be drenched.

4. Generally on oily hair types, problems encountered is dandruff. How to resolve oily hair with that way, you can smear oils like jojoba and coconut into the head and wash hair until clean.

5. How to resolve oily hair also should avoid using the conditioner on the base of the hair but the ends of the hair only.

6. On oily hair types avoid using gels so will make hair greasy and will increasingly become dull.

7. Try not too often, because the impact of the comb combing is the scalp will be oilier.

8. And the last one for how to reduce hair oil is, once a week smear lemon juice on your scalp.

Above are tips to care for oily hair you can do. The results that you will get it are not instant but rather gradually. If you want to eliminate hair oil with an instant way, forget the way for way above requires a process. But behold, if everything that instant will also have an impact that is not good for you. Then do it the natural way as above as a way how to resolve with oily hair.

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