Breast Lift Scars: Some Possible Complications after Surgery

– Women who had previously firm and full breasts but currently face drooping ones can feel the benefits of having a .

Breast Lift Scars

The procedure can be combined with breast implants. Although these benefits are mostly for aesthetic reasons, appearance can be a very motivating factor for many. Some of the benefits of breast lift scars include having normal looking breasts, more clothing choices and a more youthful appearance, as well as a confidence boost. However, there are many different complications that may arise after such an operation, and the patient should be aware of what to expect after the surgery.

Scarring is just one of the complications that can occur to the patient after having breast lift scars. Incisions are necessary to make the changes needed for the more youthful and firmer appearance of the bosom. Scars from these incisions will be noticeable and may be reddish and lumpy in appearance for the first months. When the scars heal, they may turn whitish and flatten but some scars can turn into hypertrophic scars or keloid scars. Hypertrophic scars are raised scars that are usually red but are limited to the place of the incision. Keloids on the other hand are scars that are prompted by healing too quickly and may extend beyond the initial incisions. Scarring can also occur within the breast lift site, commonly called capsular contracture. These are internal scarring that occurs around the , if the lifting surgery includes implants.

Other possible complications that can occur after the Breast Lift Scars are hematomas and infections. A hematoma is the collecting of blood at the site of the incision. This pooling of blood can be painful, can be the cause of an infection, can block blood flow and can increase the risk of scarring. Smaller ones may be readily absorbed by the body but larger ones will need to be removed surgically before any other complication arises. Infections are the result of bacteria and germs getting into the incisions. The more common types of infections are easy to treat with antibiotics, wound drainage and topical application of medication in the form of ointments. Rare forms of infections may occur but there are tougher medicines that can address these.

These complications from the breast lift scars do not occur frequently and may be limited to some patients and factors that make them so. There are many ways to treat or remedy these complications, and they seldom turn out to be dangerous to the patient.

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