Simple Tips to Help You Doing Yoga for Menstruation

Practicing Yoga for Menstruation promotes healthy menstruation by facilitating a natural, healthy flow of fluid in the lower part of the body.

Yoga for Menstruation

Yoga is said to holistically heal the mind and body. Other include from premenstrual syndrome, less menstrual pain and . Forward-bending and meditative asanas, or yogic postures, are best for menstruation. Some yogis, or yoga instructors, recommend avoiding inverted asanas and other forms of high-intensity yoga during menstruation, but many also acknowledge that each body is different and you should decide what feels comfortable for your body.

Commonly prescribed Yoga for Menstruation are forward-bending poses held for a few minutes to massage and relax the abdominal area where many women feel or discomfort.

Examples of forward-bending poses when doing Yoga for Menstruation include child’s pose, or balasana; head-to-knee pose, or janu sirsasana; and seated cobbler’s pose, baddha konasana. To do child’s pose, kneel on the floor and lean forward over your knees until your head touches the ground. To do head-to-knee pose, sit upright with one knee bent and the other leg straight while you touch your head to the knee of the straight leg. To do seated cobbler’s pose, sit on the floor with the soles of your feet touching and drop your knees to the sides as much as you can.

Yoga for menstruation also includes meditative asanas; these promote serenity and calmness to alleviate emotional stress caused by hormonal changes during menstruation. Examples of meditative asanas for menstruation include easy pose, or sukhasana, and corpse pose, or savasana, which usually conclude a yoga session. To do easy pose, sit cross-legged with your back straight and focus on your breathing. To do corpse pose, lie on your back and let your body completely relax. A certified yoga practitioner can help you properly perform asanas.

Some yogis advise against high-intensity yoga for menstruation, because it can overwork your body during the low-energy state of normal menstruation, when you expend energy for the cleansing process. Other experts disagree, reasoning that not all women feel low in energy during menstruation. There are also yogis who recommend avoiding inverted asanas during menstruation, not only because they require more energy, but also because they may aggravate menstrual symptoms by disrupting the natural downward flow of fluids. Critics argue that inverted poses are only detrimental if held for extended periods of time. Ultimately, you should pay close attention to your body and do what feels right for you.

Yoga for Menstruation

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