How To Choose The Best Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

When trying to choose the best eye makeup for small eyes, it is important to note that in this case, less is more. Thick lining eyes with black eyeliner, or applying a large amount of eye shadow on the lid will simply make them smaller eyes and you wear too much makeup. Instead, you want to use makeup to give the appearance that the eyes are bright, large and open, which requires a slightly different technique. The tools needed to get the best usually include lighter shades of eye shadow, including “Primer” for a base color; Use a pencil or liquid eyeliner, mascara and as an eyelash curler.Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

Experts generally recommend trick by first applying a “base color” all over the lid, which is simply a skin tone shades which creates a smooth palette to apply the rest of your makeup. Probably also use eyeliner when looking for the best eye makeup for small eyes; unless you have very dark eyes and eyelashes, you may want to avoid black eyeliner, and go with a dark brown, dark gray or navy blue instead. line eyes about half the eyelashes, just above and below the pupil, and the border.

Apply eyeliner in this way, rather than lining the entire eye, they will help eyes to look more beautiful and precise, without giving them a smaller appearance. When you select the best eye makeup for small eyes, it is a good idea to choose a light, shimmery eye shadow to be used for the lights. This can be applied very lightly on the brow bone, just below the eyebrows, and in the inner corner of the eye. It will immediately make the eyes brighter and bigger. Some people do not consume eye shadow on the lid, and others choose to apply a colored light just above the eyeliner; this is yours.

Mascara is the final touch in choosing eye makeup for small eyes. In this case also, the choice of a black or brown dark brown, may appear more natural color of a very dark, depending on the personal color and the dyed hair. Reading before the lashes with an eyelash curler can also help make your eyes bigger and more open. Generally, it is a good idea to apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes; some people believe that the selection mascara designed for curling your lashes can be useful as well.

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