Let’s Try 4 Natural Face Care Can Be Done Yourself

Bebeautyps.com – The womenfolk willingly pull out big budget every month just to perform facial treatments. Facial treatments offered by salons, most of which can give rise to a sense of opium on its customers. Whereas, when women stop it, your face will change as they are. So, inevitably they must routinely perform treatment face to face still look beautiful and attractive. However, for those women who do not have a large cost to perform facial treatments, they prefer to perform natural that can be done on its own. Here’s how to take care of the face that does not have to require huge cost.

Natural Face Care Can Be Done Yourself

Cleaning the Face

can be done first is cleaning up its own face. Clean the face does not have to do with the use of beauty products from chemicals; you can use natural ingredients that are safer for the face. One of the natural ingredients that you can use for facial cleanser is the Aloe Vera and milk. How to make facial cleanser-natural ingredients is very easy, first, you only need to blend the Aloe Vera and 2 tablespoons milk. Then, apply it evenly on your face. After that, let it for a few minutes before you clean it.

Facial Steaming

Second natural face care that can be done on its own is steaming the face. How do steam cheaper this festive quite easily. First, you only need to set up some warm water in a bowl. Second, you can approximate the warm water on your face up to a few minutes. You could also add the warm water with spices, such as green tea and ginger. Do regularly so that your face looks more bright and fresh.

Lifting dead skin cells with an Oatmeal Facial

Natural face care can be done yourself third is lifting dead skin cells on the face mask with oatmeal. When you want to have bright faces, you could do the treatment removal of dead skin cells naturally with oatmeal. How, first of all, you can create a mask of oatmeal 1 tbsp, ¼ TSP salt, and 1 tablespoon water. Then, you can toweling the mixture until evenly-shaped pasta. After that, you can rub it evenly on your face, let stand and rinse with clean water.

Smoothing and toning the face with a mask

Natural face care that can be done naturally own fourth is making masks from natural ingredients. When you want to raise natural ingredients, you can make use of the fruit as an ingredient. For example, the banana fruit, you can use this to reduce banana fruits oil on the face. How to make a banana hair mask, you only need to fine-tune the bananas, mixing with honey, smeared evenly on the face, the silence, and clean it.

Once you know the information about natural face care that can be done yourself, you can make such information as references when you want to perform facial treatments are cheap. Of course, this treatment is much safer for the face and does not cause any side effects that endanger health. Good luck!

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