Simple Tips to Help You Get Plump Lips

Full lips can be obtained by undergoing surgical procedures such as lip augmentation or implants, or applying a plumping gloss current known as “lip plumper.” Both invasive and non-invasive means to achieve Plump Lips have become more and more the public over the years, thanks to advances in efficiency and cost of procedures for plumping lips and products.

How to Get Plump Lips?

Plump Lips

Lip injections are usually performed using fillers such as Botox ®, Restylane or Juvederm ®. The results of these injections typically last up to six months before the patient should have the procedure repeated to maintain the effect of plump lips. Lip implants are achieved by the transfer of fat from one area of ​​the body to his lips. Although the lips effect lasts longer with transplants lip injections, lip implants have a higher risk of scarring or lumping lips. Lip implant procedures also require general anesthesia, rather than just topical anesthetic applied before an injection lip.

Both lip injections and lip implants cause swelling and bruising on the lips for about a week after the procedure. Patients are also subjected to skin tests before getting implants or lip injections to detect potential allergic reactions to anesthetics or fillers. Other side effects may include bleeding, redness and ridges or irregularities on the lips. However, the side effects of a swelling for topical lips are less painful, and consist primarily of mild inflammatory reaction that inflates the blood vessels to create the look of plump lips. Topical gloss available in a wide range of outlets for about 10 to 20 US dollars (USD); However, the results usually last no more than a few hours.

Although injection procedures lipstick or surgical implantation were once available only in hospitals appointment today come in clinics without appointment and even shopping centers with a number of other surgery procedures aesthetics. Despite the increased availability of lip injections and implants, the quality of the result still depends largely on the skills of the practitioner. Several years of experience practicing techniques to fill the lips are usually required before a doctor earns skill level required to give Plump Lips of patients who are aesthetically pleasing.

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