Some Easy Ways To Help You Get Smaller Lips Naturally

Find the best way to get smaller lips with makeup, exercise, and a few home care tips. These treatments can naturally help you to make lips look thinner.smaller lips

Most people think that larger lips are more attractive or more kissable. But some people have problem with large lips as they can sometimes appear plump or even unattractive depends on the size of your lips. So if you want to reduce the size of your lips or make it appear smaller than here are some tips that can help you deal with larger lips.

Lips are considered to be the center of attraction for the face and especially for women. As lips are so important for appearance they need to be taken care of properly. Some people have thinner lips while others have fuller lips but no matter the size of your lips you must provide the basic care for your lips in order to make them appear attractive and sexy. And so here are some tips to help you with your lips.

Lip Cleaning

Keeping clean lips and moisturizing them regularly is the best way to get smaller lips. A person should clean their lips at least once a week otherwise it would appear dark due to accumulation of dead cells and dirt on it. And although you may thing that dark lips tend to appear smaller but unclean lips tend to appear unattractive so the sole purpose of having smaller lips is not accomplished by dark lips and also unclean lips are unhygienic. One can use a lip scrub to get rid of dirt and dead cells or one can make a home remedies using Aloe Vera or lemon to get clean lips.

Moisturizing Lips

Moisturizing lips is essential as providing moisture to the lips makes them soft and smooth. If moisture is not provided regularly then lips tend to dry and such dryness can make lips to appear bigger. So if a person wants their lip to appear smaller rather than bigger than they have to moisturize their lips from time to time. Now this moisturizing can be done with the help of a lip moisturizer or even by a home remedy like honey will help to moisturize your lips.

Treat Lips Injuries

In case of an injury the lips begin to swell and appear bigger. These lip injury can occur due to anything from a punch in the face to your lip biting habits and in some cases even from a fall. But if these injuries are not taken care of properly at that time then they tend to leave a permanent mark or a permanent damage. So one must take care of these injuries as soon as possible if the injuries are large like separated from the middle then immediately see a doctor and if the injuries are minor like some cuts or bruised a little; then rub some ice on it.

Although it is very hard to get smaller lips but what we can do is we can make our lips appear smaller with the help of some make up and some other techniques which can help people to notice you but not your lips if you don’t want them to. In this step I will help you to make your lips appear more attractive which in turn will help you look more beautiful and sexy than you already are.


Applying foundation can help as it will tone down the bright color of your lips that comes naturally and will also blur the edges of your lips. The more blurry the lips the better as it will prevent any other person from knowing where you lip line begins and hence making your lip appear smaller. In order for this to work properly you must use a cosmetic sponge and take a little foundation. Apply it to your lips and then let this foundation to be completely dried before making use of any complementary makeup on the lips.

Lip Concealer:

Lip concealer will help you to conceal your lips more naturally. First you have to select a lip concealer that matches the color of your skin on lips. With care fill out a slender line of concealer to the upper line of your top lip and the same way apply it to the bottom edge of your lower lip. With the application of narrow sponge or if you don’t have that than you may use your fingers. Mix the concealer utilizing a to and fro movement to ensure that the edges of your lips properly merge in with your skin properly and appear more natural. Without a doubt, the concealer will take care of an integral part of your lip pretty much inside the genuine lip line and will make your lip appear smaller.

Lip Liner:

If you don’t want to makeup lips with a concealer than you may use lip liner for giving a smaller shape to the lips. Use a pale, neutral color and outline a millimeter down the actual lips line. Pick a color that is couple of shades darker than your natural skin color, but never draw a very dark line because this may form an illusion of bigger lips. Apply this lip liner of your chosen color just 1 mm from the genuine lip line and do not make it obvious. I recommend concealer as it seems more natural than a lip liner, but if you prefer lip liner than be subtle with it.


A proper lipstick can help in forming an illusion and thus get smaller lips on your face. So when you choose a lipstick you must choose a color which is light and which would not draw more attention to your lips. One can choose a color like light pink or brown just make sure that it is just some tones off your genuine tone of lips. Avoid using lipstick shades that are pearlier, glossy or shiny as get your lips to look even bigger. Instead try a lipstick which has a matte or creamy texture like finishing. And one more thing never use lip gloss, but if you do want to use, then only apply it over the middle part and not the entire lips. And for better result you might want to utilize this lipstick making use of a lip brush and not directly as it could smear the other product.

There has been quite a debate on whether a lip exercise can actually help to make lips smaller, but some say they can so we might as well try it. These are some simple exercises like trying a tongue twister over and over again to tone your lips. Second putting your lower lip above your upper lip and give a wide smile without the upper lip falling from lower lip and the third would be to force yourself to smile while pulling the corners of your mouth down. Repeat these exercises 10 times daily to get . You may not see the result until couple of months and when you do it will be very little for you to notice but someone else might notice it but it is better than nothing I guess.

Surgical treatments for thinner lips

When you have done everything and you are still not satisfied by your lips than you can consider surgery to get smaller lips, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I am merely stating lip surgery as an option because it is and an extreme one at that too. But if you are really considering this than you might want to know about the side effects and best case and worst case scenario of this surgery too. So research this surgery and the doctor before you take any chances. And just to make sure that you understand how extreme I am talking about I am listing some of the possible side effects from this surgery; swelling, bruising, excessive bleeding, infection and in worst case your lips would get scar tissue and will be more larger than they were before the surgery and all this will be explained to you in detail by the doctor before taking the surgery.

  1. Clean your lips at least once a week.
  2. Moisturize your lips using a moisturizer or a natural remedy daily.
  3. Stay hydrated and for that you have to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.
  4. Remember to take care of your lip injuries as soon as you can and not to bite your lips when nervous.
  5. Use a concealer or a lip liner to make your lips thinner.
  6. Use a light lipstick color for your lips.
  7. Do not use lip gloss or any shiny or glossy lipstick.
  8. Try to use your other facial feature to distract people from your lips.
  9. Pay careful attention to your lower lip as it is the one that attract more eyes towards it.
  10. If opting for surgery than do extensive research about the outcome and the doctor beforehand and make a list of questions that you can ask the doctor.

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