7 Easy Tips on How to Remove False Eyelashes

– Not everyone is blessed with a coating to the sky, long eyelashes. Some people rely on false lashes to accentuate their appearance; all part of the beauty. However, with beauty comes pain, sacrifice and endurance, as most people believe. This is not an easy task to learn the different ways of how to apply and remove fake eyelashes. Here are some tips on how to apply and How to Remove False Eyelashes, false eyelashes for those who wish.How to Remove False Eyelashes

How to put false eyelashes

1. Shorten the eyelashes. Shorten one side of the false eyelashes; make sure it is stated in the width compensation. You can cut so that they appear more natural, or let them big and fat, if you like.

2. Put glue on false eyelashes. Press eyelash glue on the back of the hand and run the fake eye lashes with glue. This helps to coat the lashes without getting glue everywhere.

3. Loss after application of the adhesive. Blow gently on the lashes from side to side to make the flash glue stick.

4. Handle lashes with tweezers. It will ensure that you are absolutely correct in which to place the eyelashes on the lash line.

5. Press from end to end. Remember to support the way the glue is still sinking.

6. Allow time to set. Press the lashes for a few minutes to allow the glue to set. Try not to move, open your eyes close or tighten them while the glue is still going down, otherwise you will have to redo it again the entire process.

7. Turn mascara while pressing false eyelashes. You can always apply mascara with false lashes to add definition and volume. To do this, while pressing behind the false eyelashes.

Now that we know how to apply false eyelashes, here’s how to remove false eyelashes, without shouting, “Ouch!”

1. Apply non-oily makeup remover. This will help to soften the glue. You can use a cotton swab or makeup wipes to remove the eyeliner or mascara and make visible the ends of the lashes and extensions.

2. Make steam. Instead of applying non-oily makeup remover, you can steam your face to loosen the glue on the lashes. Put warm water in a bowl, then hold your face over the bowl with a hot towel on your head. Towel prevents the escape of steam. To do this, for about 10 minutes to loosen eyelash properly, after which you can remove easily.

3. After removing the false lashes, use a mild makeup remover to completely remove the residual glue your eyes oil based. Contact with oil easily causes the elevator.

4. Rinse with water. Splash eyelashes with warm water to wash the oil.

5. Lash glue remover. In reality, it is a short process with the removal of eyelashes, just dab withdrawal of false lashes with a cotton swab or brush and outside. Remove eyelash glue are available in most pharmacies.

6. Visit a salon. If you can not remove the false lashes on your own, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Visit the room where he had asked them and ask them to remove the nut will make a course cost.

7. Not too often. It’s fun to have on the false eyelashes, but be turned on and off frequently can lead to premature failure in the eye area, or damage / loss of natural lashes. Do not make it a daily routine.

It’s always fun to dress, even in false eyelashes. But not knowing how to do it can cost natural eyelashes. Therefore, before you get all crazy on false eyelashes, make sure you know how to dress and how to remove false eyelashes.

How to Remove False Eyelashes Video

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