Some Simple Procedures of Nose Reshaping Without Surgery

Now, it is possible for Without Surgery, also, it is a much quicker and relatively less expensive procedure.

Nose Reshaping Without Surgery

It is plain human tendency to be unhappy about something or the other about one’s body. Your eyes are too big, your ears are too small, one foot is bigger than the other, and you just can’t stand that little bump on your nose that seems to ruin your profile. Well, everything does not have a solution, but that little bump can definitely be repaired, without undergoing a full-fledged surgery, or some kind of advanced treatment. Yes, you can undergo , in a matter of minutes. Here, we will talk about how you can go about this simple procedure of nose reshaping.

The Procedure of Nose Reshaping Without Surgery

The procedure of non-surgical rhinoplasty is a relatively quick and pain-free procedure in comparison to its surgical counterparts. Here, instead of going under the knife, you are given injections, such as BOTOX (known as facial fillers), to get rid of any nasal ridges you may have. The areas where this product is to be injected are specifically marked out, and the nose is given an even profile. This procedure is most suited for individuals who are above the age of 18 or 20. In effect, the basic structure of your nose does not change. However, with the injection, it can be evened out on a superficial level, to give you a smooth one.

The procedure of a nose reshaping without surgery requires you to be completely awake. Surprisingly, it is a procedure where you can completely control the outcome. As the surgeon injects the fillers, you can see the contours of your nose changing, as you look into a mirror during the entire procedure. This procedure can be very detailed, in that the smallest adjustments can be made to the area you want to change. As such, one may consider it a better option to a full-fledged nose job procedure. Experts suggest that a lot of people are worried about their nose appearing larger after undergoing this process. However, because such fine adjustments are made, you can only get a smoother profile, that you are bound to be happier with.

Further, unlike rhinoplasty, you are not prone to any kind of swelling or scarring after the procedure. In fact, the process lasts only for about 10-15 minutes, and you are capable of resuming your regular activities the same day. The only precaution you are asked to take is to avoid wearing any kind of glasses for about two weeks after the procedure.

Eligibility for the Procedure

Obviously everything is not as easy as it sounds, and there are some drawbacks to this procedure. The main one is that not everyone is suitable for a . For instance, if any nasal ridge is causing breathing difficulty, then you will have to undergo the entire rhinoplasty procedure to get rid of it. Further, if you have problems with the shape, those cannot be addressed in this procedure.

The beauty about opting for Nose Reshaping Without Surgery is that the process is extremely quick and almost painless. As long as you are a suitable candidate, you can avail of this wonderfully quick procedure. The effects of the procedure will last for about two years, after which you may require to undergo a touch up to maintain the profile of your nose.

If you wish to opt for this procedure as nose reshaping without surgery, you can speak to a well-qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon to find out if you are suitable for this procedure, and the associated risks (if any). As soon as you get the green signal, you can go ahead and get yourself a painless ‘nose job’ within a day.

Nose Reshaping Without Surgery


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