How To Care For The Face Naturally

How To Care For The Face – Caring for the face of a step can be done by the womenfolk to beautify their appearance. Just imagine, if your face full of blackheads, breakouts, dry, dull and not glowing. Of course this will mess up your appearance so it will look very messy. Here’s how to care for the face naturally that you can do to improve your appearance.


How To Care For The Face

Wash your face

Generally women use make-up to beautify themselves, therefore after using make-up, clean the face with cleanser first. Then clean the face with foam that is adapted to your skin type to eliminate the rest of makeup and a refreshing face.

Facial moisturizers

For dry skin types, we recommend that you use a moisturizing face before going to bed. Could use a moisturizing vitamin E soft capsule-shaped. Skewer a piece of soft capsules of vitamin E and mix it with rose water. Apply on the face evenly before you sleep, and clean the next day.


Do how to care for the face naturally by using masks at least twice a week for toning the face. However, if you are using a mask from natural ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, you can use every day.

Choose cosmetics

Should choose cosmetics must be adapted to your skin type. We recommend using talcum powder use and avoid sawing solid. For the use of solid powder would be too heavy and clog pores that will make your skin acne and blackheads occurred.

Not only that the steps and how to care for the face naturally to make it look clean and well maintained. You should also pay attention to your food intake such as multiply eating fruit and vegetable as well as reproduce white water consumption per day. Another one that is not less important is to do sport regularly. By doing sport, no doubt you will sweat out from the body. Well this is the sweat of a toxin or poison that exists in our body coming out and making the skin more elastic, moist and radiant.

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