The Best Tips for Eyebrow Shaping

– A well-shaped eyebrow is what woman loves as it brings about lot of difference in her appearance.Eyebrow Shaping

When we talk of eyebrow shaping, that does not mean that you have to change the shape of your eyebrows completely. You can get the right shape of your eyebrow by keeping its natural look intact. All you need to do is to remove that extra hair strands from the lower part of the eyebrows. As result, the frame of your eyes will look attractive. In other words, eyebrow shaping involves making the arch, length and the thickness of the eyebrows suitable for your face. There are so many beauty products available in the market for eye makeup, but they are of no use if the eyebrows are not well shaped. Eyebrow shaping is technical job and it is essential that you follow some shaping tips to achieve the desired result.

You have to be very careful while shaping your eyebrows. Do not do it in haste. You also need to be aware when you should stop. Over-plucking will spoil the natural shape of the eyebrow. Even if the arch of the brow becomes too high or very thin, the natural look and feel of the eyebrow goes missing.

The main aim of the is to help you choose the right shape of the eyebrow that suits your particular facial shape. You can ascertain it very easily by placing pencil along the edge of the nose and the eyes. For the inner edge keep it in straight position along the edge of the nose. The part of the brow that falls beyond the boundary of the pencil should be plucked out. Similarly, for the outer edge, put it on the corners of the eyes. The arch of the eyebrow has to be just above the iris. You can mark these points with eyebrow pencil for your convenience or draw the kind of shape you want for the eyebrow.

Prior to , you should trim them well so that one or true stray hair should not spoil the eyebrow after you have shaped it up. For this, move the hair of the brow in the upward direction by using soft eyebrow brush. Identify the extra long, floppy hair and trim them with the help of eyebrow scissors.

When you have chosen to shape your eyebrow, the best method is tweezing. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that you need to learn is to how to handle the tweezers. Make sure that the end points of the tweezers meet each other properly. For waxing the eyebrows, you should take the help of professionals in any beauty salons. It is recommended not to use any depilatory creams for the purpose of eyebrow shaping.

You should start shaping the eyebrows from the area that lies above the nose. Carefully locate the extra hair growth that has to be removed. Hold it with the tweezers and pull it off instantly in the direction in which they grow. Once you are done with that area, and then start shaping one eyebrow at time. Remove those hairs that are below the brow.

Pluck only those few hair from the upper section of the eyebrow that is disturbing the shape. Otherwise, if you pluck too many hairs from the upper section of the eyebrow the natural arch of the eyebrow will be damaged badly and you will not be too happy with the end result! Putting ice before and after shaping the eyebrows helps in relieving the pain. At the end of the eyebrow shaping, if you find that you do not like the shape, the only option left with you is to cover up the flaw is by using black pencil.

In case your eyebrows are not bushy and yet you are not happy with the shape, you can make them full with the help of some cosmetics like eyebrow pencil or eyebrow mascara. The choice of right color is very important in this regard. Any color that is bit darker than the color of your eyelashes will be the best. However, do not overdo the fill up as it may look fake.

There is no doubt about the fact that nicely-shaped eyebrows give you the glamorous look even without any makeup. For this reason, women love to shape up their eyebrows despite the pain they experience while doing it. Next time, when you shape your eyebrows, use the eyebrow shaping tips mentioned here and it will help you to yield much better outcome.

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