Best Dry Facial Skin Care Tips

Facial Skin Care Tips – Dry skin problems can happen to anyone, probably because of the lack of fluids or also because of the influence of makeup. Temperature changes such as cold weather or the use of air conditioning such Air Conditioning is also triggers the onset of dry skin problems.

Don’t let this sustainable as it will make you look less than perfect. In addition, it will also result in a dull looking skin, wrinkles and more bad skin will peel again as well as irritation.

Facial Skin Care Tips

Therefore, here we present dry facial skin care tips, for you who have dry skin types.

Use foam

Do not clean the face of origin on a dry skin types, because dry skin is more sensitive and prone to irritation. Select the type of foam that is formulated for dry skin types. Use soft foam contains ph balance to cleanse the face dry.

Never use soap that is used for the body to cleanse the skin of your face. Because the moisture that is different from the soap used to face.

Avoid washing face too often

Wash the face is indeed strongly recommended to eliminate the rest of makeup and dirt. But strongly not recommended for those who have dry skin face wash too often, because this will make your facial skin is getting dry. Indeed once wash will look a while, but eventually your face will be eroded humidity.

Avocado mask

Use the avocado mask as your facial skin care tips that are dry. Apply the avocado to the entire surface of the face of each you want to sleep and rinse with water15 minutes thereafter. Try rinsing when using water and not using soap. But if you’re not comfortable, you can rinse with foam for dry skin.

Use moisturizers

To resolve a dry skin, use a moisturizer on the face before using cosmetics. Use a moisturizer as a base before you use make up. Avoid using solid powder because it was too heavy. Try using talcum as your dry facial skin care tips.

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