Different Ways on Styles and Coloring Strawberry Blonde Hair

is the type of hair color that is not blond or red, but something in between. Let see the different ways to color the Strawberry Blonde Hair and how to style this hair type …Strawberry Blonde Hair

Red hair color is an eye-catching color and elegant color is blonde, blonde hair, but ordinary people opt for hair colors. But when these two colors are combined you can get a strawberry blond hair color that has the smell of both colors. This color is a beautiful natural color of thin hair. But, it is quite easy to color the hair in a similar shade.

Who should get strawberry blonde hair?

This color is part of the hot category and should be chosen by people who can wear warm colors hair colors. People who have warm skin tones like skin freckled, ruddy complexion, light complexion with golden highlights or fishing, or skin tone brown with shades of pink or gold. The eyes can be green eyes, blue-green eyes, golden brown eyes, hazel eyes with patches of brown or golden. They can go with the base color of Bright blond or red-orange. Or hair color completely in the shade.

Obtaining Strawberry Blonde Colored Hair

You can select the quality of the hair dye. However, if you have the color black or very dark hair, then first you need laundering. Bleaching hair can be very difficult for the hair, and therefore, it is advisable that you get done by a stylist. However, if you have naturally blonde hair, then you can go for . Or use a hair dye and color your hair at home. Each time, the selection of a hair dye, be sure to select the appropriate tone.

Another way to dye hair a natural color of Strawberry Blonde Hair color ideas is to use henna or chamomile tea leaves. The green henna powder can be mixed with water. Then use this paste and apply on the hair keeps for about three hours, then wash your own hair. This will not only give your hair a shade of red, but also condition your hair. Strawberry Blonde Hair dye naturally with chamomile tea leaves, try this. Use freshly prepared leaves of chamomile and saturate the hair completely with it. Leave for about 30 minutes. Then, wash your hair with clean water. Allow to dry hair, and control.


This looks stunning locks with wavy hair. There are different styles of haircuts and ideas that you can try with wavy hair strands. You can also make the wavy locks without discount and still look very attractive. But, if you want your hair, then you can try the hairstyles in layers. You can get different sections of your hair cut in different lengths, to get the look of the hair in layers. After finishing with layers, style your hair in bangs. Hair cut in bangs, take a front part of your hair and cut side bangs swept to a straight cut your hake level. Then comb the hair and check. Another way to cut the front is cut directly into a dull bang style Cleopatra, your level of eyebrow.

Make sure you choose the right shade. To keep the color long hair, protects from the sun, so the color stays longer. You can also use the shampoo and conditioner specially designed for colored hair.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Video

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