How to Straighten Hair Naturally Using Traditional Remedy

– Having straight hair and a shiny black is a dream of every women. For those of you who have curly or wavy hair, it is a with traditional ingredients. Care instructions of straight hair that can be done at home without the need to visit a beauty salon.Straighten Hair Naturally

How to straighten hair naturally follows requires only two ingredients that will be made of traditional ingredients of hair care. These two ingredients are coconut milk and lime juice that has proven effective beauty care for hair .Coconut water contain very useful for giving the hair root nutrition so many people use it to wash hair. In addition, it can be drunk directly, shampoo with coconut water is a natural way to straighten your hair beautiful .While orange juice benefits to cleanse the hair are able to eliminate dandruff and stubborn.

How to straighten your hair naturally with traditional ingredients made from coconut milk and lime was effective. Curly hair can be straight or curly naturally. Below are remedies to Straighten Hair Naturally using traditional remedy

Ingredients to straighten hair naturally:

1 cup of coconut water
2 tablespoons lime juice

Making natural herb that straight hair

• Add lemon juice and coconut milk and mix until smooth
• Apply evenly to its roots curly hair gently massaging
• For maximum ironing method, you can cool the ingredients in the fridge for 5 minutes before use
• Comb hair gently which was spread with herbs to straighten your hair with a towel, then wrap
• Wait 20-30 minutes for the effectiveness of herbs impregnated and then rinse with cold water
• For straight hair naturally and permanently, making regular hair care 1 Week 1 times

How to straighten your hair naturally using traditional herb useful for treating the beauty and strength of his roots. Straight shiny black can be obtained without immediate treatment that can actually damage slowly.

Straighten Hair Naturally Video

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