Excellent Suggestion on How to Brighten the Face Naturally and Quickly

– The face is a member of the body that is very important for some people especially womenfolk. That’s why these women are very concerned and prioritize the face to be treated. In fact, oftentimes they spend money to perform facial treatments in beauty clinics to improve their appearance. But now you don’t have to do that again if there was a way how to brighten the face naturally and easily.

How to Brighten the Face Naturally

How to Brighten the Face Naturally


One ingredient that is often used as an ingredient in this cuisine, it can be used to whiten the skin of the face. Make a paste by means of smoothing using paprika blender as a cream that can be used as a mask. Wait up to 15 minutes and rinse off using cool water. Not only whiten the face only, this mask can also increase blood flow and simultaneously nourish the skin of the face.


How to brighten the face naturally can also use yogurt. You mix a little honey into the yogurt before it is used as a mask. DAB your face no more than 10 minutes, and rinse with clean water. In addition to whiten the yogurt can also smoothes and moisturizes the skin so that your face is not just a white glow but will also naturally moist.


Sure you’ve often heard about the benefits of milk for face and body skin whiten. Even Cleopatra was often use milk to keep the skin moist and whiten the whole body. As a face mask, how to brighten the face naturally with milk in the ibis do with how to make a mask of milk. Add milk powder to rosewater and smeared to the entire surface of the face. Clean with a soft cloth to remove the mask on the face. This will eliminate milk mask black spots, and raised the dead skin cells.


Types of nuts are frequently used as a toping this cake turns out to be also able how to brighten the face naturally. The almonds will reduce that dark skin color so it would look more luminous and radiant. How to brighten the face naturally this can be done by soaking 5 seeds almonds and saffron in milk in the morning. Before you get rid of turmeric, crushed first and then apply the almond paste on the face. Allow it to rinse out the next day and the next morning. Do at least 2 weeks for optimum results.

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