How to Prevent and Avoid the Various Types of Acne

How to prevent and avoid the various types of . is an inflammation caused by blockage of the pores of the skin with impurities. The oil produced by the glands under the skin we mix with dead skin cells and bacteria. The presence of dirt in the face causing the excess oil cannot come out smoothly so that there arose a pimple.

There are several types of acne include acne, pimples and blackheads. Acne is not just a face, but Acne can also attack other parts of the body such as the back, upper arms and chest. When dead skin cells mix with dust or dirt, it will form a blockage into black or white.


How to Prevent Acne

What exactly causes the onset of acne? Acne can appear for a variety of reasons. One of them was a mistake in choosing cosmetics. Look beautiful with cosmetic products are indeed very proud. Many cosmetic products can be purchased with different types and brands. But you need to be careful in choosing cosmetic products.

Using cosmetic products which do not comply with your facial skin types can cause problems, such as flushed facial skin occurs, broken, blackheads and pimples. So make sure you choose cosmetic products that are safe and suitable to the type of your facial skin. Before going to sleep make it a habit to wash your face properly so that the rest of the cosmetic cover holes pores on the face disappear completely.

Foods that Causes of Acne

In addition to the dirt and cosmetics, food can be a trigger for the onset of acne. For some people with sensitive skin types, food can be the cause of acne, but if normal skin types might not be too influential. If you have skin that is sensitive to one type of food, then you should avoid these foods so that your acne is not getting worse.

Dietary arrangements become something important to do so that you avoid the acne. Food causes acne is quite a lot of that stuff, maybe one of them is your favorite food. If it is true, you need to start removing it from a list of your daily meals to prevent acne comes back to your face.

Food is very important for our body, our body with food intake will get energy. But some of them can be a trigger for the onset of acne. The following are some of the foods that can cause acne among other chocolate, nut and derivative products, carbonated drinks, sugar, milk, salty foods, spicy foods, and foods that contain lots of oils such as fried foods.

Meat protein is very high also became one of food triggers the onset of acne. All of these types of foods are believed to trigger the onset of Acne can be in the face of so should be avoided. Begin to consume healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and many-many drinking plain water. Drinking lots of water would make the metabolism in the body so the defecation of the body to be smooth.

How To Avoid Acne

Avoid acne facial skin care needs on a regular basis. Face skin must be kept clean during a break at home. Try to free up the face skin from cosmetics to keep pores can breathe freely. Don’t try to get rid of acne on the face with a JAB to use hands. Dirty hands are the source of the germs and bacteria that will worsen your acne condition.

the easiest is with a work that could drain the sweat. Jogging, cycling or gymnastics will certainly make your body a lot of diaphoretic. Sweat will carry the poison and the remains of dirt out of the body. Because a lot of work Stress or other problems should also be avoided as it could also cultivate a Zit on your face.

Acne is indeed infuriating but is not too hard to do with the origin of the right way. Acne is not a deadly disease, but sometimes a minder will come along with the prevalence of acne. Feeling less confident that come with acne make us ashamed to do anything, certainly we will be occupations or activities are disrupted. A perfect appearance will be disrupted because of a red dot called acne. So at the top should you try to keep your confidence high and back activities smoothly.

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