The Best Way to Dying Hair Blonde at Home

In order to , the natural dark color of the hair has to be stripped away.Dying Hair Blonde


There is a range of blonde shades from a deep honey blonde to a nearly white platinum blonde, and the color that a previously brown haired person will get depends on the amount of time the color-stripping chemicals are left on the hair and any additional dye that’s added later.

When light or gray hair is dyed to look darker, color is added to the hair to permanently stain it. The reverse is done to turn brown hair blonde. Through a chemical process, color is stripped away from the hair in order to achieve the lighter tones. Sometimes, a second product called a toner has to be applied to the hair after the color has been stripped to achieve the exact desired color.

Dying Hair Blonde At Home

The best way to Dying Hair Blonde at home is to purchase a kit that is sold specifically for this purpose. There are a number of hair product companies that sell hair-bleaching products, and many are packaged with a color grid. These are often the best kinds to purchase because they give a clear way to gauge the results. The grid will show a range of brown hair colors from light brown to dark brown and will show the different blonde results that are usually achieved by using the product.

Turning brown hair to blonde is usually relatively simple and just involves following the instructions on a kit. It is important to note that the chemicals can burn the skin and damage the eyes, so they must be kept only on the hair. Lining the hairline with petroleum jelly is a good way to keep the chemicals from running down onto the skin of the face and causing burns or irritation.

It is important to note that the results of the hair bleach may vary depending on how processed or damaged the hair is. If the hair has been colored multiple times, has been permed, or is regularly styled using heated styling tools such as hair dryers, curlers, and flat irons, then it may react badly to the bleach. Before going through the process, make sure that the hair is healthy enough to withstand it. Otherwise, the hair might break or even fall out.

Dying Hair Blonde

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